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You were charged with disorderly conduct in Bayonne, New Jersey, but what does it mean? Knowing what is considered disorderly conduct in New Jersey and what to expect in the legal process ahead when you are facing disorderly conduct charges in Bayonne is vital. As a busy city in Hudson County, Bayonne boasts a population of  63,024 residents, not to mention the countless visitors who come to Bayonne to shop, eat, conduct business, and see friends and family. With a dense population and people coming and going at all hours of the day and night, Bayonne employs a relatively large and very active police force with officers who make arrests on a near constant basis. It is no surprise, then, that Bayonne City had 2,356 criminal cases arise between July and November alone. When it comes to criminal charges in Bayonne, disorderly conduct is among the most frequent, as the statute covering disorderly conduct encompasses so much potential behavior that police often file these charges when there is no other offense that applies to a specific situation.

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Can I Get a Conviction in Bayonne Removed?

According to N.J.S.A. 2C:33-2, disorderly conduct can include a vast array of actions and words that fall under “improper behavior” or “offensive language.” One type of disorderly conduct is intentionally creating a public nuisance or disturbance by annoying or alarming others, or recklessly creating a threat of such by harassing others. Under the law “public” means almost everywhere people gather, such as roadways, public transportation, schools, residential areas, prisons, businesses or neighborhoods. Disruptive behaviors, like fighting or threatening violence and creating danger needlessly, are considered public annoyances. Using offensive language in public is also considered a petty disorderly persons offense of disorderly conduct, meaning a person purposely uses loud, coarse or abusive language in public without regard to others’ sensibilities or the contextual setting.

If you have ever been to a bar, sporting event, or another gathering where people are drinking alcohol, you can imagine how many scenarios can lead to a Bayonne disorderly conduct charge. Unfortunately, the vagueness of the law on disorderly conduct makes it more common, not less. Fighting in a bar or having a loud, heated argument using profanities at a restaurant will likely lead to disorderly conduct charges. In essence, the fact patterns that may lead to a court case are virtually endless.

What Is the Penalty for Disorderly Conduct in Bayonne NJ?

Anywhere in New Jersey, including in Bayonne, disorderly conduct is a criminal offense specifically classified as a petty disorderly persons offense. When these charges arise, a person accused faces up to 30 days in jail and a fine of up to $500. In addition, disorderly conduct will appear on your criminal record during a background check if you are ultimately found guilty. A petty disorderly persons offense on your record may disqualify you for some jobs, like certain government, healthcare or legal positions and may lead to steeper sentences for future criminal charges.

New Jersey classifies crimes as first, second, third or fourth degree crimes, or disorderly persons offenses and petty disorderly persons offenses. A petty disorderly persons offense is essentially the lowest level of criminal offense under the law. As such, disorderly conduct charges are heard in municipal court, as opposed to superior court. If your case involves disorderly conduct in Bayonne then, you will be required to appear in the Bayonne Municipal Court, which is located at 630 Avenue C, 2nd Floor, Bayonne, New Jersey 07002. The presiding judge will hear and decide your case, which stands in contrast to a case in superior court where cases are decided by a jury.

Although the penalties for disorderly conduct can be serious, you may have more options that you realize. For instance, with a clean criminal history or a successful plea bargain, our attorneys may be able to get your disorderly conduct charge downgraded to a municipal ordinance violation, which does not result in a criminal conviction on your record. There may also be avenues to pursue that result in your charges being dismissal altogether. It is important to have your case evaluated by an experienced defense lawyer who can advise as to what the best option is and how to achieve the best result.

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