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New Jersey Traffic Ticket Attorney

Have you been ticketed for a traffic violation in New Jersey? If so, you are probably eager to do whatever it takes to resolve your ticket and move on. However, the consequences of many traffic tickets can go beyond monetary fines. If you plead guilty to a traffic violation, you could end up losing your driving privileges, paying more for car insurance, or even going to jail.

At William Proetta Criminal Law, our New Jersey traffic ticket lawyers understand just how serious a ticket can be. That’s why we’re committed to protecting the rights of clients facing all manner of traffic tickets. Contact us today to learn more about how our experienced team can help you in a free initial consultation. Our team represents clients in Ocean, Hudson, Middlesex, and Union counties and across New Jersey.

Our Firm Helps with All Types of Traffic Tickets

The New Jersey traffic ticket defense attorneys of William Proetta Criminal Law can fight for your rights if you have been accused of:

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Exceeding posted speed limits or driving too fast for conditions, regardless of whether you are over the speed limit. You can also be ticketed for exceeding prima facie speed limits, which are set at 25 mph in school, business, and residential zones; 35 mph in suburban business or residential zones; and 50 mph in most other areas.

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Reckless driving

Driving in a “heedless” or “willful or wanton” manner that places other people or personal property at risk for harm.

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Failure to observe a traffic signal

Failing to obey instructions from an official traffic control device such as a stop sign or red light. If you approach an intersection with a missing or defective street sign, you may also be ticketed if you fail to proceed as though the intersection were governed by a four-way stop sign, as required by law.

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Careless driving

Driving without “due caution and circumspection” or in a manner that puts others at risk. Careless driving is similar to reckless driving but is considered a less severe offense.

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Improper passing of a school bus

Failing to stop at least 25 feet away from a school bus that is stopped to let children or disabled passengers on or off. Unless you are on the opposite side of a divided road, you can be ticketed for this offense unless you remain stopped until all passengers are safely off the road.

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Driving with a suspended license

Operating a vehicle despite being prohibited from obtaining a license or operating a vehicle with a license that has been suspended or revoked.

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Driving under the influence

Operating or having “actual physical control” of any motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration at or above the legal limit of 0.08 percent or with substantially alcohol-impaired cognitive or physical function.

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Leaving the scene of an accident

Failing to stop at the scene of an accident that results in property damage, injury, or death, or failing to remain at the scene to render assistance or provide your information to others.

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Racing on a highway

Racing along a public highway for the purpose of winning a wager or setting a speed record.