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Disorderly conduct charges are especially prevalent on the Jersey Shore during the summer months. This is because the combination of hot sun, the boardwalk, music, scantily clad people, booze, and oftentimes drugs tends to drive people crazy. Belmar, New Jersey, is among the main towns that see the greatest summer spikes in Disorderly Conduct charges in the summer months.

Disorderly Conduct Charge in Belmar

Disorderly Conduct is a Disorderly Persons Offense that will be handled in the municipal court in the town in which the charge arose. In the case of a disorderly conduct charge in Belmar, the case will be handled in the Belmar Municipal Court. The charge is a common “catch-all” charge that may include excessive noise, fighting, public intoxication, arguing with law enforcement, and/or making a public scene of some sort. Penalties include up to six months in jail, $1000 in fines, community service, and a permanent record.

A Disorderly Conduct charge is a serious offense because a conviction will show up on a permanent record. As most of our clients in these matters are students or young professionals, this can be devastating to your future educational and employment prospects.

Disorderly Conduct Attorney near Belmar New Jersey

As seasoned Jersey Shore attorneys, we are often able to downgrade or even dismiss the charges altogether based upon the facts of your matter, who was involved, and the State’s ability to prove the case. Furthermore, because we understand the nature of the offense and the financial implications of these charges on our clientele, we offer a student discount.

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