Year: 2016

A large part of our criminal defense practice centers around defending clients in the Edison Municipal Court. Shoplifting charges are very common in Edison because of the mall, but especially defendants arrested for shoplifting at the Sephora at Menlo Park. This is normally attributable to the fact that the makeup products are small and easy to conceal. […]

stealing out of purse

We recently defended a client who was charged with shoplifting after allegedly stealing over $200 worth of merchandise from Walmart in Edison, New Jersey. Once a shoplifting involves more than $200 of theft it automatically becomes an indictable felony. In this situation the amount in question was $210.11, which makes it a 4th degree felony since […]

Plainsboro police are well-known among defense attorneys to be tough on DWIs. However, unless you appear in the court on a regular basis you would have no idea that it is not a town you should be driving in after consuming alcohol – not to say that there are any towns which it is okay […]

Miami Police Set Up DUI Checkpoint For Holiday Drivers

Port Authority officers conducted a DWI checkpoint at the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City this past weekend in anticipation of the Columbus Day weekend holiday weekend. The checkpoint was active between 10 p.m. Saturday October 8 into the early morning hours of October 9 until 6 a.m. Saturday, at the entrances to the Holland Tunnel. This is just the newest example […]

lincoln tunnel dwi checkpoint

This year our attorneys have seen a spike in DWI & Drug DUI arrests in Weehawken especially from drivers coming in and out of the Lincoln Tunnel. A major factor is due to DWI checkpoints in Weehawken at the Lincoln Tunnel by Port Authority police officers. Notice of the DWI checkpoint is normally published in local papers and […]