Bloomfield Assault Attorney

You will be charged with aggravated assault if you attack someone and they suffer a serious injury from your actions. Our criminal defense attorneys frequently represent clients charged with aggravated assault and related crimes such Robbery and Possession of a Weapon for Unlawful Purposes. An aggravated assault can quickly change into a robbery if there is anything taken from the victim such as a wallet, cell phone, or even clothing like a shoes or a hat. Moreover, because aggravated assault charges are often based on the victim suffering a serious injury, it is common for the crime to involve the use a “deadly weapon” such as knife, gun or bat.

If you have been charged and arrested for Aggravated Assault in Bloomfield then you will be required to appear in Essex County Superior Court located in Newark. The Superior Court handles all the indictable crimes that take place within Essex County, New Jersey in charges for aggravated assault and robbery. Depending on the seriousness of the injury suffered and whether there was a weapon involved, an aggravated assault can be either a fourth degree, third degree or second degree crime, which is the most serious. For instance, you will typically be charged with a second degree aggravated assault if the victim’s injury involves a broken bone such as a broken nose or orbital socket. A second degree aggravated assault is punishable by 5 – 10 years in state prison subject to N.E.R.A. (No Early Release Act) which means you have to serve 85% of your sentence. If you have been charged with aggravated assault or a related charge of robbery, it is important that you learn your rights and options. Our criminal attorneys can answer your questions and address your concerns during a free consultation.