Cranford 3rd Degree Crime Attorney

Cranford 3rd Degree Crime Lawyer

Cranford is a town located in the center of Union County and home to more than 24,000 residents. Accessed by the Garden State Parkway and Route 28 and accompanied by its sister cities of Linden and Elizabeth, Cranford is a bustling town offering entertainment, shopping, and a great quality of life. But despite being voted one of the 50 best places to live in New Jersey, Cranford is also a site for many criminal charges and arrests by the police. Some of the most commonly charged criminal offenses against residents and visitors alike are third degree indictable crimes, also known as felonies. In Cranford and New Jersey as a whole, third degree indictable offenses have certain consequences that can have a lasting effect on your life. Anyone charged with such an offense must understand the consequences of a plea or conviction prior to making any decisions.

If you are facing third degree charges for drug possessionterroristic threatsshopliftingaggravated assault, or another crime, you should consult with an attorney who understands the law and can help defend against these serious accusations. With a local office in Cranford, our skilled criminal defense lawyers appear in Union County Superior Court on behalf of defendants charged with a vast array of third degree crimes and have been doing so for years. Criminal defense is all we do, meaning we have decades of combined experience to bring to your case. Call (908) 838-0150 to discuss your case free of charge and please feel free to set up an appointment with a Cranford, NJ criminal defense lawyer at our firm today.

Charged with a Third Degree Crime in Cranford NJ

In New Jersey, crimes range from first through fourth degree indictable offenses and disorderly persons offenses. While the law refers to crimes as “indictable offenses,” most people refer to them as felonies. Likewise, laypeople often refer to disorderly persons offenses as misdemeanors. A felony offense is different than a misdemeanor in that it is considered an actual crime that subjects you to state prison as opposed to county jail. Moreover, each degree of crime has a different state prison term attached to it. Third degree crimes are some of the most frequently seen criminal cases filed within the Union County Superior Court and, if convicted can land you to prison.

What is the Punishment for a Third Degree Crime in Cranford?

As noted above, crimes range from first through fourth degree in New Jersey. First degree crimes rank as the highest level crime with the most drastic penal consequences. Third and fourth degree crimes are not as serious as first and second, but they can still have devastating life-altering consequences. If convicted of a third degree crime, you may be sentenced to the following:

  • 3-5 years in New Jersey State Prison;
  • Up to $15,000 in fines ($35,000 if it involves a drug crime);
  • DNA and fingerprinting to be kept on file for identification in any future criminal activity;
  • Probation

All of this is accompanied by a criminal record that can impact where you can live, work, or even where you can attend college. Despite the frequency of third degree criminal complaints, most people are unaware of the conduct that can subject them to third degree charges and the subsequent penalties.

Common 3rd Degree Criminal Charges in Cranford, New Jersey

Every time an officer charges you with an offense, the crime is based upon the alleged conduct. The crime charged can be of different degrees, but some commonly charged third degree crimes in Cranford include:

Sometimes, the crime charged do not actually suit the facts. Officers do not necessarily care whether you are guilty or innocent; they simply “do their job” and leave you to figure it out later. In fact, on so many occasions we see complaints filed that are either unwarranted or police choose to charge multiple people with the same conduct. Depending on the circumstances, you may have a highly effective defense available.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Defend Me for a Third Degree Crime in Cranford NJ?

No matter what third degree charges arose from your arrest in Cranford, it is not advisable to attempt to handle your case alone, as you may be unaware of the law and necessary evidence to convict on the particular charges. Our attorneys have experience handling all types of criminal matters in Cranford and Union County, New Jersey, including third degree crimes. We know what to look for and are always prepared to fight for your rights. Contact our firm today if you or a loved one has been arrested in Cranford and start building your defense. You can reach us around the clock at (908) 838-0150.