Elizabeth Cocaine Attorney

A man from Elizabeth, New Jersey was sentenced yesterday to a 14-year sentence with 7 years mandatory before parole eligibility for the charges stemming from a drug arrest. However, this wasn’t just any arrest or any defendant. The defendant in this case had a long history with drugs including 10 prior criminal convictions and was presently on parole when the new arrest happened. Moreover, the arrest resulted from a cocaine distribution scheme in the Elizabeth city park where the drugs were left under a tree for a pick up.

According to Union County Assistant Prosecutor Jeremiah Lenihan, on the day of the 2012 arrest, city police were on a surveillance assignment near Jefferson Park and observed the defendant exit a vehicle and place an item near a tree. Then the defendant began talking with two people, then returned to the tree and retrieved the items and hand them to the others. Officers moved in and arrested the defendant and the other two suspected buyers.

Now this doesn’t mean that every person who gets arrested for selling a few bags of coke is going to get sentenced to 14 years in state prison. The problem this defendant had was his prior record, the fact he was on parole, and his decision to sell drugs in a public park, which ultimately upgrades the charges from a 3rd degree indictable to a 2nd degree indictable carrying 5 – 10 years incarceration on that one count alone. To learn more about this story you can visit nj.com. Our criminal defense attorneys frequently represent clients charged with cocaine possession and distribution throughout Union County. Contact us today at (908) 838-0150 for a free initial consultation.