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Many millennials, college students, and other young adults actively enjoy socializing with friends. Often, people in this category seek an escape from the mundane life of school and work. This type of escape may be accomplished by taking MDMA, commonly known as Molly or Ecstasy, which produces an extraordinary high and feeling of euphoria or bliss. Ecstasy contains the chemical compound MDMA (methylenedioxyphenol-methamphetamine) which is actually a banned substance in New Jersey. Unfortunately, what was touted as an exciting escape from a tedious reality turns into a criminal nightmare if you end up charged with an MDMA offense. At the very least, you may be charged with a third degree indictable crime for merely possessing MDMA, regardless of how little you had in your possession at the time of your arrest. More severe charges may apply if you are accused of distributing, dispensing, or manufacturing Ecstasy in New Jersey. All indictable crimes not only expose you to state prison, but they can impact your future employment and education plans. If you have been arrested for MDMA in New Jersey, getting personalized guidance and assistance from an experienced criminal defense lawyer is vital.

Our team of Hudson County criminal defense attorneys at William Proetta Criminal Law is dedicated to defending clients charged with drug crimes and other criminal offenses in Jersey City, Hoboken, Kearny, Union City, North Bergen, and throughout New Jersey. With years of experience practicing exclusively in the realm of criminal defense, our lawyers have gained extensive knowledge of the law and experience navigating the criminal justice system on behalf of our clients. From our local office in Jersey City, we advise and assist clients facing drug charges for MDMA possession, distribution, intent to distribute drugs in a school zone, and many other serious crimes for which the state punishes offenders harshly. We frequently defend individuals in Hudson County Superior Court, which is just minutes from our office. When you need help from a skilled drug defense lawyer for Ecstasy charges, contact us at (201) 793-8018 to discuss your case and your options in a free consultation.


Per the National Institute for Drug Abuse, MDMA is a synthetic drug that changes a person’s mood and heightens their perception. Having properties akin to hallucinogens as well as stimulants, MDMA enhances a person’s senses and creates feelings of being energized, induces pleasure, and distorts the person’s ability to perceive time and the world around them. The high typically occurs by taking a pill, powder or capsule, which then impacts the user’s brain. Specifically, brain activity changes, causing an increased level of the pleasure by producing the chemicals dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. MDMA, the chemical compound, has no accepted medical use and is therefore illegal in New Jersey.

New Jersey makes it illegal to possess certain drugs or chemical substances known to produce a high, substance abuse, and those with the propensity toward chemical dependency. Each drug that is illegal to possess is listed in the New Jersey Drug Schedules. Specifically, Schedules I through V outline controlled dangerous substances and chemical compounds that are entirely banned or regulated within the state. MDMA is a Schedule I controlled dangerous substance. Thus, New Jersey law categorizes possession of MDMA in any amount as a third degree crime.


New Jersey defines crimes under a series of statutes. Drug possession, specifically possession of MDMA, is set forth under New Jersey Statute Title 2C:35-10, subsection (a)(1). This section of the Criminal Code makes it an offense to possess the substance “MDMA, Ecstasy, or Molly” either knowingly, purposely, or constructively. Under subsection (a)(1) of the statute, a Schedule I substance such as MDMA is a third degree crime when possessed in New Jersey. If you are convicted of a third degree drug crime for MDMA, you can be assessed a fine of up to $35,000; ordered to serve time in NJ state prison for 3-5 years; mandated to pay a required Drug Enforcement Reduction Penalty of $1,000; and/or sentenced to up to 5 years of probation.

Notably, a third degree MDMA possession charge may be resolved by way of admission into the Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) program, which is available to first-time offenders charged with certain felony crimes that do not require incarceration if convicted. PTI, once successfully completed, results in the dismissal of the charges.


If you have the misfortune of having more than a small amount of MDMA, drug packaging supplies, or other potential evidence of intent to sell, you can be charged with distribution of Ecstasy or possession with intent to distribute under N.J.S.A. 2C:35-5. Specifically, if you have less than one half ounce, you could be charged with possession with intent to distribute MDMA in the third degree, faced with jail time of up to 5 years, and subject to an increased fine of up to $75,000.

Being in possession of more than half an ounce but less than 5 ounces of MDMA will increase the degree of the charges to a second degree crime for distribution or possession with intent to distribute. The court may then sentence you to 5-10 years of incarceration and there is a presumption of incarceration even with no prior criminal record. Fines and mandatory penalties increase as the degree of the crime increases.

Lastly, you can be convicted of the most serious crime in New Jersey, a first degree crime for MDMA possession with intent to distribute or distribution, if your case involves an amount greater than 5 ounces. If convicted of a first degree crime, a 10-20 year state prison sentence and a fine in as much as $500,000 may be imposed.


When it comes to MDMA charges in New Jersey, the jail and fines are certainly harsh for those convicted. Once a sentence is ordered in your case, you are then forced to carry a criminal conviction on your record that can be viewed by landlords reviewing rental applications, colleges and college loan institutions, potential employers, and many other interested parties. But all is not lost if you have been charged with an MDMA possession or distribution offense. You have the right to a strong defense crafted and executed by the most experienced attorney at your disposal.

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