Interlock Devices in New Jersey

Interlock Devices in New Jersey

A common tool that is often used by municipal courts throughout NJ and in Middlesex County to determine drunk driving is the Ignition Interlock Device (IID) or Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID). The IID is a mechanism like a Breathalyzer that is installed on a motor vehicle’s dashboard. In order to successfully start the vehicle, the driver is required to exhale into the device. If the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) satisfies New Jersey’s statutory requirement of less than .05% then the car will start. Furthermore, drivers are often required to exhale into the IID at various times after the automobile has started to ensure that the driver has remained alcohol-free. A common misconception accompanying the design and function of the ignition interlock device is that the car will turn off if the driver’s BAC is not acceptable. Rather, in the event that the driver’s BAC s unacceptable, the IID will warn the driver to turn off the ignition through horn honking, flashing lights, etc.

NJ DWI Ignition Interlock Device Law

Typically, courts impose the installation of IIDs based upon the number of previous driving while intoxicated or DUI offenses, as well as the driver’s BAC when the case involves a first offense. For a first offense DWI, the ignition interlock device is mandatory for a period of 3 months if the driver’s BAC was below 0.10%. The period for the IID elevates to between 7 months and 1 year for a BAC between 0.10% and up to 0.15%, and for offenses with a BAC at or above .15%, the IID is required for 9 months to 15 months after your license has been restored from the period of suspension. Additionally, if a first time DUI offender was arrested and refused to comply with the officer’s administration of the Alcotest 7110, then the court SHALL impose a mandatory installation of an IID for the length of the suspension and for 6-12 months after the suspension. In the event of a second offense, third offense, and subsequent DWI convictions as well as refusal convictions, the court will impose the mandatory installation of the device for the length of the suspension AND an additional 2-4 years following the restoration of driving privileges. For more information and frequently asked question regarding the installation of an Ignition Interlock Device, feel free to visit the NJ MVC Ignition Interlock Device page.

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If you have been arrested for a Driving While Intoxicated in Middlesex County, NJ including Woodbridge, Edison, Piscataway, Sayreville, Perth Amboy, East Brunswick, or South Brunswick, then you can see the installation of an Ignition Interlock Device into your automobile is a costly, burdensome, and potentially embarrassing consequence of a DWI conviction. Additional penalties for first offense, second offense, third and subsequent DUI offenses, and refusal charges include jail time, community service, and steep monetary fines. If you or your loved one is facing these consequences as a result of a DWI arrest, then please contact the Law Offices of William Proetta Criminal Law today to give yourself the best chance to avoid the charges that you face. Our attorneys are available 24/7 and initial consultations are free of charge. To build a case strategy to meet your needs contact us at (732) 659-9600.