NJ Graves Act Law

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The Graves Act was a 1981 amendment to the New Jersey Criminal Code, which provides for mandatory minimum sentences for individuals convicted of certain specified violent crimes while they are in possession of or use a firearm during the commission of, attempt to commit, or flight from the commission of a crime. Typically, our clients’ concerns are over which crimes trigger the application of the Graves Act. Currently, the list of included crimes is as follows:

The Graves Act was amended in 2008, so that the mandatory parole ineligibility applies to defendants convicted of possession of a firearm with the intent to use it either against the person or the property of another.

What is a Minimum Term of Imprisonment Under the Graves Act?

For these offenses the terms of imprisonment must include a minimum term of imprisonment. The minimum term for any crime of the first, second or third degree must be at least 3 years. When the judge moves for sentencing, they must fix a minimum term of between one-third and one-half of the sentence it imposed. If one half the sentence imposed would be less than three years, the minimum sentence is three years. For a fourth degree crime the mandatory sentence is 18 months. During this minimum time period the defendant is not eligible for parole.

Is there a Mandatory Extended Term Under the Graves Act?

If a person has previously been convicted of one of the above-mentioned offenses involving the use or possession of a firearm and then is subsequently convicted of one of those offenses and if in the second offense the person uses or possesses a firearm either during its commission, attempted commission or flight, the court must sentence the defendant to an extended term. This extended term is mandatory for this subsequent offender.

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