Plainfield DUI Attorney

Chances are if you’re reading this page then you or a loved one has been charged with a DWI or refusal in Plainfield New Jersey. There are a few important things that you should know about your charges before you make any further choices. A conviction in New Jersey for DUI may result in a mandatory loss of your drivers license, the duration of which is determined by the number of previous DWI’s for which you have been convicted, and the blood alcohol reading in the case of a first offender. Moreover you’ll be facing very real penalties such as an Interlock Device in your car, community service, and thousands in fines and surcharges. As a DWI defense lawyer, our job is to improve your current legal position. We do this a number of different ways including, analyzing and challenging the state’s proofs against you, tactfully and aggressively arguing to invalidate critical evidence during pretrial motions, and litigating the case if necessary. At William Proetta Criminal Law we have successfully defended hundreds of drunk driving charges throughout Union County and New Jersey. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you in your particular case then contact us at (908) 838-0150 for a free consultation with an experienced Plainfield DWI attorney.

DWI Stops in Plainfield NJ

Plainfield does not have any major highways that run through it other than Route 28 (North Ave) which continues northeast through Union County. However the city’s urban profile and high population contribute to a higher number of driving while intoxicated arrests in Plainfield each year. Moreover, the fact that Plainfield is bordered by Middlesex and Somerset counties adds to the number of traffic that passes through and around the city on a daily basis. If you are stopped and subsequently arrested for DWI in Plainfield you will most likely be summoned to appear in the Plainfield Municipal Court. It is always a good idea to have a lawyer present with you in court for charges this serious.

Generally speaking, the penalties for a DWI offense in New Jersey are more severe when the offender has prior convictions for drunk driving. For example, a defendant facing a second offense DWI charge is inevitably facing enhanced punishments when compared with a person charged with a first DWI offense. A defendant with prior DWI convictions is subject to a higher range of penalties, including a longer jail sentence, a lengthier suspension of his or her driver’s license, more substantial fines, etc. The timeframe that the prosecutor and the judge will look at in these types of cases is 10 years: a defendant with a DWI conviction on their record within the last 10 years can be charged with a second offense DWI or third offense DWI for the new violation, depending on the number of prior convictions or guilty pleas.

Lawyer for DWI Charges in Plainfield

DUI charges are often highly technical and complicated cases that can go on for months or even years. If you have any hope of beating your case or reducing your penalties you must seriously consider hiring an attorney who has extensive experience and training in DWI cases in New Jersey. Founding attorney Will Proetta is certified as an instructor in the SFSTs in accordance with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Moreover, Mr. Proetta has been specially trained and certified by Draeger the manufacturers of the Alcotest (New Jersey’s breathalyzer). These cases are typically won on technicalities and this training and experience allows us to better help our clients achieve real results because we are able to critically analyze and challenge the state’s case on more levels. If you would like to discuss the details of your case and our firm’s potential representation of you then contact us at (908) 838-0150 for a free initial consultation.