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Point Pleasant Assault Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with assault in Point Pleasant, New Jersey? If so, hiring an experienced and knowledgeable defense attorney at William Proetta Criminal Law is essential to protecting your rights and safeguarding your freedoms. A conviction could have far-reaching consequences, such as loss of privileges, steep fines, or even jail time.

Our seasoned Point Pleasant assault defense lawyers can help you navigate the legal process and pursue the best possible outcome for your case. At William Proetta Criminal Law, our attorneys have years of experience handling assault cases. We’re ready to provide you with the steadfast legal representation you need at this critical time.

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What Is Considered Assault in Point Pleasant, NJ?

New Jersey defines assault as threatening someone with imminent harm or offensive contact. Assault does not necessarily require physical injury. The legal definition of assault can include intentionally putting another person in fear of bodily harm or attempting to cause them physical harm.

Simple assault occurs when someone attempts to injure, threatens to injure, or recklessly injures another person. Simple assault is usually a disorderly persons offense in New Jersey, though some assaults could be charged as petty disorderly persons offenses. Regardless, the consequences of a simple assault conviction can still be severe, possibly including probation, a criminal record, and hefty fines.

Aggravated assault is a more severe charge classified as an indictable offense in New Jersey. Aggravated assault charges can arise when serious bodily harm occurs, or someone assaults another person with a vehicle. Depending on the circumstances, an aggravated assault charge can carry up to a decade behind bars. If a weapon was involved in the alleged assault, you could face an even longer sentence.

What Is the Difference Between Assault and Battery?

Assault charges typically concern the threat or attempt of physical violence, while battery is the actual infliction of physical harm. In New Jersey, battery is not a specific criminal offense. Instead, criminal cases involving bodily injury are charged as different types of assault.

Potential Penalties for Assault Convictions in Point Pleasant

Depending on the severity of an assault charge, the potential penalties for a conviction can range from fines to lengthy prison sentences. Possible penalties for a New Jersey assault conviction could include the following:

  • An assault charged as a petty disorderly persons offense can result in up to 30 days in jail and a possible fine of up to $500.
  • An assault charged as a disorderly persons offense can result in up to 6 months in jail and up to $1,000 in possible fines.
  • An assault charged as a fourth-degree indictable crime can result in up to 18 months in prison and a possible fine of up to $10,000.
  • An assault charged as a third-degree indictable crime can result in 3 to 5 years imprisonment and up to $15,000 in fines.
  • An assault charged as a second-degree indictable crime can result in 5 to 10 years in prison and a possible fine of up to $150,000.
  • An assault charged as a first-degree indictable crime can result in up to 20 years and a maximum fine of $200,000.

Types of Assault Charges Our Firm Can Help You With

At William Proetta Criminal Law, we have the experience and knowledge to provide effective legal representation for individuals facing assault charges in Point Pleasant, NJ.

There are many different types of assault charges our firm can help you with, including:

  • Simple assault – Simple assault occurs when someone intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causes bodily injury, negligently causes bodily injury with a deadly weapon, threatens another individual with physical menace, or attempts to cause bodily harm to another individual.
  • Aggravated assault – Aggravated assault occurs when someone intentionally or recklessly inflicts or attempts to inflict serious harm on someone else, causes someone bodily harm with a deadly weapon, or commits a simple assault against a police officer or another protected individual.
  • Sexual assault – Sexual assault occurs when someone uses physical force, coercion, or threats to penetrate a victim sexually.
  • Assault by auto – Assault by auto occurs when a driver recklessly or intentionally causes an accident that results in serious bodily injury to another person.
  • Assault on an officer – Assault on an officer is a serious indictable crime that occurs when someone intentionally or recklessly harms or attempts to hurt a law enforcement officer who is performing their lawful duties.

Potential Defenses in an Assault Case

An experienced assault defense lawyer can evaluate your situation and determine the best defense strategy for your case. Some potential defenses in an assault case include:

  • Self-defense, if you injured someone while trying to protect yourself from harm
  • Defending property, if you injured another while they were committing a property crime, such as burglary
  • Defending others, if you caused injury while trying to protect someone else from assault
  • Consent, if the victim voluntarily consented to a scuffle or another act
  • Alibi, if you can demonstrate that you were in a different location when the assault took place
  • Mistaken identity, if you can show that the perpetrator or police identified the wrong person
  • Duress, if you were forced to engage in violent conduct that would otherwise be considered a crime
  • Misconduct by law enforcement, if police officers engaged in an illegal search or seizure or made an illegal arrest
  • Unreliable evidence or testimony, if prosecutors base their case on evidence or witness testimony that is fabricated or faulty

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