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Sometimes college students act irresponsibly, immaturely, and indeed, even crazy. 37,000 young people are currently pursuing higher education at a major institution that boats five beautiful and modern campuses, over 80 fraternities and sororities, successful NCAA Division I athletics, and close proximity to Jersey Shore beaches and NYC all in a compelling town with a vibrant nightlife. These factors are certainly a recipe for the occasional brush with New Jersey State Troopers, Rutgers University Police, or local law enforcement from New Brunswick or Piscataway. Unfortunately, students will often commit acts that are uncharacteristic of their own personalities and status as respectable and educated young men and women. This is almost always due to the presence of alcohol and drugs in college towns and on college campuses. Students who are partying while under the influence of drugs or alcohol make decisions that they normally wouldn’t. In addition to potentially losing out on scholastic opportunities, students who have committed a crime may also face criminal charges that can result in jail time, community service, steep monetary penalties, and a criminal record. The immediate and lasting effects of a criminal charge are severe.

Rutgers students have been arrested for various offenses on or near Busch, Livingston, Cook, Douglass, and College Avenue campuses; at bars and clubs in downtown New Brunswick and Piscataway, including College and Easton Avenues; on game day at HighPoint Solutions Stadium; near fraternity row; and while indulging in the cardiac-threatening meals by the Grease Trucks.

Common Charges We Handle For Rutgers Students

Here are some common “college town crimes”:

College students tend to procrastinate, allowing responsibilities to pile up with the intention of “getting to them later.” If you are facing the above or any other criminal charges, it is imperative that you ACT NOW to protect your rights and secure your academic and legal standing. At William Proetta Criminal Law, our attorneys will work with the New Brunswick, Piscataway, and Middlesex Superior Court prosecutors to lessen or diminish your charges. If arguing the merits of your case is the best option to reach the most successful outcome, then we will litigate aggressively on your behalf. We are proud of Rutgers University and understand the legal needs of its students.

Rutgers University Student Code of Conduct Violations

Our attorneys understand how to assist Rutgers students who face academic or disciplinary charges pursuant to Rutgers University Student Code of Conduct (UCSC). Like many other universities, Rutgers does not view school-related infractions as analagous with criminal proceedings, as stated in the university’s Guide for Attorneys: “The General Order on Judicial Standards of Procedures and Substance of Student Discipline in Tax Supported Institutions of Education (44F.R.D. (142) (W.D. Mo.)) states: ‘ … The attempted analogy of student discipline to criminal proceedings against juveniles and adults is not sound. The nature and proceedings of the (campus) disciplinary process … should not be required to conform to federal processes of criminal law, which are far from perfect, and designed for circumstances and ends unrelated to the academic community.’”

Essentially, Rutgers University places a heavy emphasis on the ethical development of the student rather than the retributive measures utilized by courts. Therefore, different rules apply to students who with to hire attorneys to represent them in school-related academic or disciplinary charges. Our lawyers may consult you on how to represent yourself before a University Hearing or Disciplinary Conference, but may not appear on your behalf. Additionally we may question witnesses on your behalf and build a case strategy in your favor. If you are facing academic or disciplinary charges and are awaiting a disciplinary hearing, feel free to call us to assist you in overcoming student charges.

Rutgers University DWI Attorney

In addition to the various criminal charges that Rutgers students sometimes face, our attorneys are well equipped to handle Driving While Intoxicated and Driving Under the Influence of Drugs. Whether your DWI or DUI occurred on or off-campus in New Brunswick or Piscataway or on a weekend trip to the Jersey Shore, William Proetta Criminal Law is uniquely qualified to handle your case. Founding attorney, Will Proetta, Esq., is a certified instructor in the Standardized Field Sobriety Testing methods used by all New Jersey Police. Further qualifications include his certification in the correct operation and maintenance in the Alcotest 7110– the device used by officers to measure BAC.

Contact our Rutgers Student Defense Lawyers to Discuss Your Charges

In addition to being conveniently located in Edison, NJ, our attorneys understand the unique monetary, transportation, and time restrictions that college students face.   Therefore, we provide convenient services for Rutgers students to ensure their access to quality legal representation:

  • Flexible Fee Arrangements
  • If transportation is an issue, then let us know. We will gladly consult with you at an on or off – campus location that is convenient for you.
  • We work with your class schedule. Per your request we will meet with you during normal business hours, at night, or on weekends – Don’t let legal issues keep you from your coursework!

If you are a Rutgers student who is facing criminal or DWI charges, then contact an experienced attorney to build a case strategy built on the facts of your case and customized to meet your needs at (732) 659-9600. Don’t let a criminal record keep you from pursuing your education – call now!