South Brunswick Drug Possession Attorney

Charges for possession of a controlled dangerous substance “CDS” are issued on a regular basis in South Brunswick, New Jersey. If you are among the many people who find themselves in the difficult position of being arrested for possession of CDS in South Brunswick, you need to find an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can. Depending on the type of drug involved in your drug possession case, you may be charged with a disorderly persons offense or an indictable crime, also known as a felony. For example, possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana is a disorderly persons offense in New Jersey, while cocaine possession is a third degree crime. The degree of your possession of CDS charge is important when determining the venue where your case will be adjudicated and the punishments you face. The seasoned drug defense lawyers at William Proetta Criminal Law have achieved countless dismissals and successful results in drug possession cases in Middlesex County and across New Jersey. We are always available to answer your specific questions so call (732) 659-9600 or contact us online anytime for a free consultation.

Types of Drugs that Lead to Possession of CDS Charges

Any drug in the New Jersey Drug Schedules is considered a controlled substance in New Jersey. Some types of CDS are legal if prescribed by a doctor for a medical condition. For instance, a valid prescription for Xanax may be given to treat anxiety. Drugs like Adderall or Ritalin may also be prescribed to patients with ADHD. These prescription medications are lawful to possess if you obtain them from a licensed practitioner with a valid prescription and keep them in the original bottle. If not under these circumstances, possession of prescription drugs is a felony in New Jersey.

Other drugs like heroin and cocaine are entirely illegal any any circumstances. In other words, if you are found with any amount of these controlled dangerous substances, you may be charged with a violation of  N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10. Sometimes, a person can be charged with possession of CDS even if police discover trace amounts of a suspected drug in an item of drug paraphernalia. Possession of both heroin and cocaine is a third degree crime punishable by up to $35,000 in fines and 5 years in NJ State Prison.

While the type of drug involved in your CDS possession case and the amount found in your possession influence the seriousness of the charges, you may also face additional consequences if your are in a school zone or believed to have possessed the drug with intent to distribute. Often, separate charges for possession of CDS in a motor vehicle are also issued when the drugs are found during a traffic stop. Regardless of the circumstances or accompanying charges, a conviction for drug possession requires suspension of your driver’s license for a minimum of 6 months.

Charged with Drug Possession in South Brunswick, NJ?

If you have been arrested for possession of CDS in South Brunswick, New Jersey, the next critical choice you have to make is whether or not to hire a criminal defense attorney and if so, which one? The best thing you can do is to find a lawyer who concentrates on criminal defense and appears frequently in the courts in the area. The experienced criminal defense team at William Proetta Criminal Law have the knowledge and credentials to fight your drug charges. Our lawyers have assisted countless clients with drug possession charges in Middlesex County. Whether we can help get your charges dismissed by undermining the State’s evidence or by facilitating your enrollment in a diversionary program like Conditional Discharge or Pretrial Intervention (PTI), we approach each case with a singular focus on delivering the best possible outcome. For a free consultation with an attorney who can help you put this behind you, call (732) 659-9600 now.