Springfield Burglary Attorney

A long investigation finally ended when Springfield detectives arrested the third suspect in a serious of burglaries and a charge of eluding police officers after the suspects encountered and evaded the police twice in one day during a high speed chase after allegedly stealing an SUV from Springfield. Police finally arrested the suspect when he actually showed up for a charge of marijuana possession in Irvington Municipal Court. Upon his arrival to court, detectives took him into custody and arrested him. Ironically, the suspect who had appeared for a marijuana charge actually had marijuana on him when he was arrested and searched.

The whole incident started back on July 18 when Springfield police chased an SUV that had been stolen from a residential driveway on Henshaw Avenue. The truck was ultimately abandoned after the suspects deliberately rammed head on into two police cars and took off on foot. Two out of three of the suspects were ultimately apprehended when they were found hiding in nearby residential areas. But the third suspect continued to elude police which included a second pursuit later that day when police spotted him on Route 22 in Union Township.

According to police reports, the three suspects were responsible for a string of 16 different car burglaries. The three men were targeting cars that were parked in residential driveways on Henshaw and Hawthorne Avenues. To make things worse, according to police reports, the three men had driven to Springfield in a stolen van from Irvington and then later stole the SUV in Springfield to use it to flee in when they were done with their crime spree. When the third suspect was finally arrested in Irvington Municipal Court was charged with 16 separate counts of burglary to a motor vehicle and 16 separate counts of theft. He was also charged with two counts of receiving stolen property (the possession of two separate stolen motor vehicles), two counts of resisting arrest and the possession of marijuana. The defendant is currently sitting in Union County Jail with a $50,000 bail while he awaits his charges.

The defendants in this case face multiple third degree indictable offenses which each carry a maximum punishment of 3 – 5 years in state prison if convicted. Any time you are facing an indictable offense it is important that you consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer to learn your options and properly exercise your rights. If you or your loved one is facing similar charges for Burglary or Receiving Stolen Property, contact our office today at (908) 838-0150 for a free consultation.