$50,000 E-Z Pass Theft Scam Results in PTI Acceptance

Theft & Fraud Charges

Our theft defense attorneys recently represented a client who had been arrested for committing a substantial theft against port authority and E-ZPass in excess of over $50,000. This extraordinary amount was accumulated over 5 years of never or very rarely paying tolls as our client commuted daily to and from New York City. Our client was pulled over by a police officer as he drove through the toll plaza because he recognized his car and license plate from earlier reports of unpaid tolls. Based on the allegations, he was charged with theft of services in New Jersey.

Anytime you are dealing with a large theft alleging tens of thousands of dollars, the stakes become very steep and the penalties can be extremely serious. However, in this case our client had actually allegedly stolen from the State of New Jersey by depriving them of thousands in tolls owed. This made the situation even more serious because prosecutors typically take a harder stance when the crime is against the government. To make matters more complicated, our client was a professional and was adamant that he could not get convicted of a felony or be sentenced to incarceration because he would lose his job. So we applied our client for Pre-Trial Intervention “PTI” and began working with the prosecutor during the review process to work out the particulars and challenge the actual amount of theft that they had alleged. In the end our client was able to get admitted into PTI without making any admission of wrong doing. Once the 12 month period of PTI is successfully completed the charges will be dismissed in their entirety. If you would like to learn more about how our Jersey City Theft Lawyers can help you, such as the example above, then contact our office today for a free consultation.

State v. T.D. decided on May 23, 2017

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