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Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC) in Union County

Facing Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC) for DWI in Union?

An Intoxicated Drivers Resource Program is ordered as part of any sentence that you receive for a DWI charge or drug related DUI motor vehicle offense in New Jersey. Each New Jersey County has at least one Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center (IDRC) where you will attend classes. This program, as well as any follow up care, must be completed before your license can be reinstated in this state. If convicted of driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, it is best to comply with the requirements sooner rather than later to avoid any obstacles in getting your life back together. Nevertheless, our experienced NJ DWI defense lawyers at William Proetta Criminal Law can serve as a valuable asset during the critical time between your initial DWI charge and the possibility of a conviction. Take advantage of our free consultation to go over your case and discuss how, if you choose to enlist our help, we can work to prevent your DUI charges from leading to a conviction in the first place. Whether you were arrested on a DUI charge in Elizabeth, Roselle Park, Union Twp., Scotch Plains, Clark, or elsewhere in the Union County area, there is a substantial likelihood that we defended a client like you in that very court, using our thorough knowledge of New Jersey DWI law and defense tactics to achieve a positive outcome. Simply contact our local offices in Cranford now at (908)-838-0150 to speak with a lawyer on our team.

What is IDRC in New Jersey?

The abbreviated term “IDRC” stands for Intoxicated Driver Resource Center. The center is designed to educate and assess individuals’ needs regarding drug or alcohol treatment after they have been convicted of a DUI offense. The program itself is run by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Service Center, Division of Addiction Services. This Division contracts out services in each of the 21 counties across the state. The amount of time and education that you are required to receive at the IDRC depends on the number of DWI charges for which you have been convicted in the past. Additionally, the mandatory time spent in IDRC increases with the number of DUI offenses committed previously. For example, for a first DWI offense, the judge will order you to attend IDRC for 12 hours; for a second DWI, the time in IDRC is 48 hours; and for a third driving while impaired charge, the term is 12 hours, but this is solely done after the person spends up to 180 days in jail.

During your time at IDRC, the staff will evaluate and educate you with regard to substance abuse. You will take an evaluation and attend classes while receiving education on drinking and driving. The classes address the social impacts of drinking in general, in addition to drinking and driving. Other social issues regarding substance abuse are attended to as well. In some cases, the program requires you to take part in follow-up care. Anyone who has been ordered to attend IDRC or follow up care must complete the requirements before they can get their driver’s license back or be able to drive in this state. On top of that, you must pay all program fees and for the cost of any follow-up care before your driving privileges can be reinstated.

What is the cost of attending the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center?

Unfortunately, IDRC is not free. In fact, there are substantial costs associated with the program and there are fees that must be paid to the DMV as well. Specifically, the cost of the program for a first offender is $264 and this fee goes up to $321 for a second offense. These fees are in addition to a $100 attendance fee and a MV restoration fee of $100.  The fees can seem especially harsh for those who are forced to pay for follow-up care. Despite this, there is no leeway when it comes to the financial requirements of IDRC.

What happens if I do not pay the fees or complete IDRC?

Attending IDRC is part of your sentence and you must complete the program and pay the fees before your license can be restored. IDRC will notify the DMV that you have not complied, attended, or paid the fees. As a result of the notice from IDRC, your license will continue to be suspended. You will be eligible for restoration once the program fees are paid, you attend and complete the program, you pay the license restoration fee, and comply with all other other aspects of the sentence imposed. Aside from the program fees, you may not be able to attend the program if certain factors are present. For instance, a person may not be able to attend IDRC due to intoxication from alcohol or other substances. This is because understandably, IDRC will not allow you to attend while inebriated. They advise those who may suffer from alcoholism to attend detox prior to attending.

Is there any way I can avoid going to the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center for a DUI charge in NJ?

The only way to avoid attending IDRC is by beating the DWI case. If the case is dismissed or you are found not guilty after a trial, you cannot be ordered to attend IDRC. With certified Alcotest attorneys and field sobriety testing instructors on our defense team, we can often seek dismissal through motions, establishing that the equipment was faulty, the operator was not qualified, or through other viable defenses at trial.

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