Year: 2022


If you are arrested in New Jersey, the police may ask questions or request you to provide a statement. However, the U.S. Constitution gives you rights to shield you from police interrogations in certain situations. Understanding these rights is essential, especially if you face criminal charges. Follow these tips from the NJ criminal defense lawyers […]


Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer after being arrested or charged with a crime can profoundly affect your case’s outcome. But what qualities are present in the best criminal defense attorneys? Keep reading to learn how to know if you have a good attorney in New Jersey.  What to Look for in a Criminal Defense […]


A criminal conviction can affect your life in many ways. New Jersey law imposes punishments like jail time and court fines for committing a crime, but you may face personal penalties for your actions. These are called collateral consequences and may make your life more challenging long after you complete your sentence. Penalties and Fines […]

Criminal Defense NJ Driving without license

If you were pulled over or arrested for driving without a license, you likely have questions about what happens next. New Jersey legislators believe unlicensed drivers are a risk to the public and put everyone in danger. That is why police throughout our state are constantly on the lookout for people driving without a license […]


Did you know you can be charged with DUI the morning after drinking? It takes a long time for the body to process alcohol. Without enough downtime, you can still be over the legal limit the next day. Every year we represent multiple clients who get DWI charges after being pulled over in the morning […]

Are Charges Dropped If a Victim Refuses to Testify

The testimony of victims and eyewitnesses can be pivotal in a New Jersey criminal case. But sometimes, victims choose not to testify. What does it mean for your case if a victim refuses to testify? Below, the defense team at William Proetta Criminal Law explains the rules regarding victim and witness testimony in the New […]

porch piracy

Edison Theft Lawyers “Porch pirate” is a common term for a person who steals packages from doorways or porches before the homeowner can pick them up. Incidents of alleged stealing of packages while people aren’t home are not rare occurrences in New Jersey. In fact, as more New Jersey residents do their shopping through online […]