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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed if you’re going through a divorce and have a domestic violence charge hanging over your head. The stakes are high – a single misstep could have life-changing consequences for you and your family. But you’re not in this alone. A New Jersey domestic violence divorce attorney can protect your rights […]


Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer after being arrested or charged with a crime can profoundly affect your case’s outcome. But what qualities are present in the best criminal defense attorneys? Keep reading to learn how to know if you have a good attorney in New Jersey.  What to Look for in a Criminal Defense […]

Are Charges Dropped If a Victim Refuses to Testify

The testimony of victims and eyewitnesses can be pivotal in a New Jersey criminal case. But sometimes, victims choose not to testify. What does it mean for your case if a victim refuses to testify? Below, the defense team at William Proetta Criminal Law explains the rules regarding victim and witness testimony in the New […]


The late fall and early winter months mean that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are on the way, and it’s time for holiday celebrations. Unfortunately, this also means that police in Hoboken, Jersey City, and elsewhere in New Jersey are also getting ready to make arrests. The truth is that law enforcement sees a significant […]


Criminal Law Attorneys Explore Unlawful Searches and Seizures in NJ We live in a society that prizes privacy and independence. From the source of United States law come guarantees of liberty, life, happiness, and by implication, privacy. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution protects people from unwarranted intrusions by the state or government. It protects […]


You came to New Jersey, whether for work, to visit family, on vacation, or merely to get to someplace else, but you got arrested. Now, you’re unsure what to do and what you are confronting as an out of state resident charged with a criminal offense or DWI. You and so many people like you […]

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So you got arrested, now what? Should you hire a criminal lawyer to defend you? While you may think that the punishment is strict and etched in stone, you may also be wrong about what you can do with the help of a criminal defense attorney. If you are facing criminal charges, consider enlisting the […]

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East Brunswick NJ Disorderly Conduct Defense Lawyer A safe suburban community in Middlesex County, East Brunswick is a township known for its historic district and its surrounding rivers, the Raritan and South Rivers. Because of its waterways and major roadways running near or through the township, East Brunswick is recognized for its historical and current-day […]

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Facing Criminal Charges From the Path Millions of people use mass transit in New Jersey every year, and one of the most popular mass transit systems used by residents of Hudson County is the PATH rail system that runs between northeastern NJ and New York City. Unfortunately, the popularity of the PATH also makes it […]

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The internet is like the wild west centuries ago. It feels like there are no boundaries, as anyone can post anything on the internet, like advertising, business promotions, educational courses, social sites, dating places, personal banking, and just about everything you can do in person. With just about everyone on the internet, it comes as […]