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Over the last year or so we have noticed an increased effort by the Bloomfield Police Department to catch drunk drivers. Some may find this confusing because Bloomfield Municipal Court has always been known for processing a large amount of DWI cases, however, the difference in the past was the vast majority of those DUI […]

The word “Sanctuary City” has been getting a lot of attention on TV and social media these days with the leaders of cities throughout the country saying they will not enforce laws that may affect undocumented immigrants. The situation has created quite a quandary that has garnished arguments from legal scholars on both sides of […]

Miami Police Set Up DUI Checkpoint For Holiday Drivers

Port Authority officers conducted a DWI checkpoint at the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City this past weekend in anticipation of the Columbus Day weekend holiday weekend. The checkpoint was active between 10 p.m. Saturday October 8 into the early morning hours of October 9 until 6 a.m. Saturday, at the entrances to the Holland Tunnel. This is just the newest example […]

lincoln tunnel dwi checkpoint

This year our attorneys have seen a spike in DWI & Drug DUI arrests in Weehawken especially from drivers coming in and out of the Lincoln Tunnel. A major factor is due to DWI checkpoints in Weehawken at the Lincoln Tunnel by Port Authority police officers. Notice of the DWI checkpoint is normally published in local papers and […]

Superior Court Judge Mark Ciarocca ended a high profile political lawsuit today when he ruled that the Berkeley Heights Police Chief, Mike Mathis would not get reinstated. The lawsuit had claimed that Mathis was forced out of office by Mayor Joe Bruno earlier this month, after he emailed the mayor announcing his intention to retire and […]