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Pillars of courthouse in retro style

Residents of New Jersey are constrained by at least two different sets of laws: federal law and state law. The consequences of committing a criminal offense and the legal process applicable to the criminal prosecution you will face can vary dramatically depending on whether you allegedly violated federal or state laws. Our experienced Ocean County criminal […]

Charged with Criminal Mischief in Barnegat Township While the term “criminal mischief” may bring up images of mischievous kids throwing toilet paper in trees, the penalties for this offense in New Jersey can include up to 5 years of imprisonment, depending on the value of the property damage. Like other police departments in the Ocean County […]

The word “Sanctuary City” has been getting a lot of attention on TV and social media these days with the leaders of cities throughout the country saying they will not enforce laws that may affect undocumented immigrants. The situation has created quite a quandary that has garnished arguments from legal scholars on both sides of […]