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Firearm accidents involving children occur far too often in the U.S. In New Jersey, dozens of children suffer severe or fatal injuries every year after gaining access to unsecured firearms. Like many other states, New Jersey has imposed child access prevention laws to keep guns out of children’s hands – laws that have come into […]

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After getting released from jail for illegal possession of a firearm, you face the reality that your predicament has potentially severe consequences. You did not realize that New Jersey laws are strict when it comes to having a gun without a permit. In fact, you may be sentenced to mandatory prison time if convicted and […]

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Extreme Risk Protective Order Attorney in Ocean County, NJ The right to bear arms is protected by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, but there are limitations and restrictions on this right in certain circumstances. One such example is extreme risk protective orders in New Jersey, referred to in the public discourse as red […]

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Union County, with its 21 municipalities, covers an important part of New Jersey and is intersected by 14 different major highways coming in, out, and across the state from nearby counties. It is also adorned by eight waterways, including Elizabeth and Rahway Rivers, along which sprawl the county’s dozens of parks and greenbelts. The county […]


Pulled Over With a Loaded Weapon in New Jersey? New Jersey has some of the toughest gun charge lawyer in the entire country, and those tough gun laws also apply to people who are caught with a gun and/or ammunition in a motor vehicle. The truth is that it is quite common for motorists to find […]

Graves Act Defense Attorneys in Middlesex County, NJ More and more states across the country are enforcing harsh laws that place significant restrictions on gun rights, as well as imposing severe penalties against anyone convicted of a gun-related crime. One state with particularly punitive gun laws is New Jersey, where the Graves Act limits the […]


Moving to a new state can be exciting. However, whether you moved for a new job, retire in a better location, help family or friends, or any other reason, your new area requires adjusting to a different environment, culture, and rules. Sure, you must change your driver’s license, car registration, and address, minor inconveniences, but […]

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New Brunswick Gun Possession Lawyers Let’s be blunt: you do not want to be charged with illegal gun possession in New Brunswick, New Jersey or anywhere else in this state for that matter. New Brunswick serves as the county seat of Middlesex County, and it’s one of the most heavily populated cities in the county. […]


Shootings occur all too frequently in New Jersey. For example, the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office issued a press release recently, stating that multiple officers were involved in a non-fatal shooting at 280 US Route 1 in Edison, NJ. Police-involved shootings often center on the question of whether officers believed that the person arrested, a suspect, or a […]

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Virtually everyone wants to avoid being pulled over by the police, much less arrested at a traffic stop. Traffic stops are stressful, not only due to the fear of receiving an expensive traffic ticket and potentially being forced to appear in court, but also because you run the risk of an officer suspecting more than just a […]