Year: 2014

Hudson County has the second highest number of unidentified bodies of any county in New Jersey behind Essex County according to the NJ State Police website, with 47 unidentified bodies since 1981. The State Police website has provides the list of unidentified bodies found in Hudson County. The list provides potential identifying information for each body such […]

stealing out of purse

Police arrested a New York man on suspicion of involvement in a string of Middlesex County burglary offenses following an eight-month investigation during which more than $60,000 of goods were stolen from homes in Piscataway, Edison, and other Middlesex and Union County municipalities. reports that the man, a Bronx resident, was arrested on October 6 for thirteen counts of […]

stealing out of purse

A serial cat burglar was finally caught after burglarizing approximately 50 residences, according to police. This could arguably make him the most prolific burglar in recent history in Union and Middlesex Counties. The defendant, a Bronx man, allegedly stole $60,000 worth of merchandise from homes throughout both counties in a burglary spree that spanned eight […]

coke dollar

A joint law enforcement task force took down six individuals who were apparently involved in a major cocaine distribution organization like something out of the movie “Scarface” with Al Pacino. The task force, made up of FBI and detectives from the Union County Prosecutor’s Office and Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office, found a kilo of coke […]

According to this recent article, a Toms River man who was wanted for kidnapping and assaulting his girlfriend was apprehended last week. Officers had been searching for the suspect since October 7 when an incident occurred after which he had been charged with assault by punching, biting, strangling, and slapping over the course of five […]

police car

According to this recent report, officers in New Brunswick were alerted to a stolen 2008 Kia SUV. At the time, the vehicle was near Neilson Street and Paterson Street and being followed by its owner in a red Volvo. In an attempt to elude the Volvo, the driver of the stolen Kia tried to turn […]

stealing out of purse

Linden police are investigating a series of scams targeting senior citizens in the area after the latest incident involving a 89-year-old woman who was nearly scammed for $7,900. The suspect has supposedly been targeting senior citizens in grocery store parking lots as they try to get into their car. According to police, he tells them […]

Domestic violence charges such as simple assault, harassment, and terroristic threats are some of the most common criminal offenses we see in New Jersey. However, sometimes domestic violence can become deadly. So far this year, four people have died in Jersey City as the result of domestic violence. The latest was a woman who was stabbed to death as […]

The Union County Sheriff’s Fugitive Unit recently apprehended a man who has been on the run since last Christmas. The fugitive was wanted for allegedly stabbing a Union resident a few days before Christmas after a card game went seriously wrong. The kicker is that, according to reports, the victim was actually the man’s friend and was letting […]

police car

According to an report, a 44-year-old Edison woman was recently sentenced to ten years in prison for operating a prostitution ring in Woodbridge and the surrounding Middlesex County towns. She was initially arrested in October 2012, released on bail and arrested again in 2013, charged with money laundering, promoting organized street crime, and promoting prostitution. In […]