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The law is clear in New Jersey. Theft, weapons possession, and drunk driving are grave threats to public peace and safety. However, when simple theft, possession charges, and DWI accidents elevate to much more serious crimes, you can be sure that is because bodily harm or threatened physical harm arose during the commission of a crime […]


Alcohol is as popular as ever in New Jersey, with more and more people drinking socially during “happy hours,” at night, and on weekends. But one beer from the fridge, or one glass of wine at the bar or restaurant, can quickly turn into several drinks, and soon the drinker may be cognitively impaired. This […]

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East Brunswick NJ Disorderly Conduct Defense Lawyer A safe suburban community in Middlesex County, East Brunswick is a township known for its historic district and its surrounding rivers, the Raritan and South Rivers. Because of its waterways and major roadways running near or through the township, East Brunswick is recognized for its historical and current-day […]

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What It Means to Be Accused of Cyber Harassment or Cyber Stalking in Ocean County, New Jersey In this day and age, people spend countless hours online, on computers, and on phones. Based on the prevalence of internet use and social media, the web is like a new stomping ground for criminal offenses. Whether you […]

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What if you were walking on the street, driving home, or out for a night on the town and an officer tried to pull you over or arrest you. Your choices may seem limited, though the urge to flee might cross your mind and make your body tense up in anticipation. If you are arrested […]


If a DWI charge isn’t bad enough, things become substantially worse when you have been charged with a DUI involving an auto accident. Drunk driving is an extremely serious offense in New Jersey, and anyone who is convicted or who pleads guilty to DWI charges may be subject to harsh penalties that can include license suspension, other […]

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An enjoyable night out on the town can quickly turn into a nightmare when you get arrested for a bar fight. This sort of thing happens in establishments where alcohol flows freely. After a few drinks, people are more likely to get boisterous and rowdy, especially when the setting is a loud bar or club. […]

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Assault is classified as a violent crime in New Jersey, which means that it carries significant penalties for anyone who is convicted of an assault charge. However, the scope of those penalties can vary widely, depending on the degree of the charge. In some cases, an assault charge can result in significant prison time. In […]


Everyone has seemingly been stuck inside for over a year while waiting patiently for the COVID-19 pandemic to subside and for local cities like Hoboken and Jersey to completely lift their curfews and other restrictions. Well, the good news is that life is beginning to return to normal as more and more people get immunity […]


Assault is a violent crime that carries severe penalties in New Jersey. Aggravated assault is a particularly violent type of assault that can result in enhanced charges and extremely harsh penalties being imposed against the offender. N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1(b) sets forth the conditions for an aggravated assault charge to be filed against an individual. The criminal […]