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Being arrested and charged with a marijuana offense can and still does happen in beach towns like Point Pleasant, Lavallete, Surf City, Beach Haven, and Seaside Park on a regular basis. You may have thought you couldn’t get in trouble for possession, selling, growing, or driving under the influence of weed in New Jersey, but […]


Lawmakers informed the the public recently that they were canceling a highly anticipated vote on the legalization of recreational marijuana for adult use in New Jersey. This is a blow to Governor Phil Murphy, who made marijuana legalization one of the platforms of his last election campaign. Many observers saw the cannabis legalization vote as […]

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Whether to legalize recreational marijuana is a controversial topic in New Jersey. As the state government considers whether to permit recreational marijuana use and sale in the state, local governments and townships are simultaneously weighing whether to allow the manufacture, testing, cultivation of marijuana, or sale of weed in their communities. Recently, Brick Township decided this question, outlawing recreational marijuana […]


New Jersey passed the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act in January 2010. With this bill, the New Jersey Legislature chose to legalize the use of medical marijuana, subject to certain requirements discussed below, given that medical research has found that marijuana can treat certain debilitating medical conditions. The State Legislature in NJ noted that although […]

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The last few weeks of New Jersey news have been filled with reports predicting the impending legalization of marijuana and creation of a marijuana industry in the state, allowing New Jersey businesses to grow and sell the drug. However, not everyone is supportive of this idea. Point Pleasant Beach Mayor Stephen Reid has strongly opposed […]

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In a joint hearing last week, the appropriations committees for the New Jersey State Senate and Assembly recommended a bill to legalize the adult possession and use of marijuana and permit its commercialization in New Jersey through growers and shops. So, does this mean that pot is now legal in New Jersey? Not quite. The bill must […]


In a joint hearing last Monday, the New Jersey Senate budget committee and the Assembly appropriations committee voted to approve a bill that, if passed, will legalize marijuana for adult use and permit the growing and selling of the drug, subject to taxes and regulations. The entire process is far from completed, as the full […]


Possession of Weed Attorneys in Toms River, NJ Recently, some policy changes in the enforcement of marijuana charges have occurred in the state of New Jersey, prompting some to wonder whether New Jersey is on the path to legalizing marijuana. However, while New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has expressed his support for the legalization of […]


If you have heard that New Jersey officials have been changing their approach toward marijuana and possibly moving to decriminalize possession of the substance, you might be wondering what this means for your rights or your pending case. Here’s what you need to know about New Jersey’s new policies on marijuana possession. For additional information and a […]

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As the debate over legal marijuana in New Jersey rages on, the New Jersey Attorney General recently instructed municipal prosecutors to seek a hold on pending marijuana cases until at least the beginning of September. The outcome of the recreational marijuana issue is still unknown; however, this significant step may represent yet another on the path toward legalization. […]