Fugitive Arrested after 3-Week Manhunt for Toms River Aggravated Assault

According to this recent NJ.com article, a Toms River man who was wanted for kidnapping and assaulting his girlfriend was apprehended last week. Officers had been searching for the suspect since October 7 when an incident occurred after which he had been charged with assault by punching, biting, strangling, and slapping over the course of five days. Allegedly, when the female victim would attempt to leave, he would lock her in a bedroom. Since the alleged assault, officers had attempted an aggressive search for the suspect through various efforts including a helicopter. He was finally apprehended near the Jackson Township border on Whitesville Road when police were tipped off to his whereabouts.

The suspect had previously been charged with aggravated assault after beating his ex-girlfriend with a trophy, rake, and metal gym bar. He is in Ocean County Jail on $200,000 bail awaiting indictment.

Aggravated Assault is a very serious offense in New Jersey. It can be graded as a second-degree, third- degree, or fourth-degree offense based upon the facts, use of a weapon, and whether there was an extreme indifference to human life. While Simple Assault is a common offense in Ocean County, it is a disorderly persons offense that is tried in a municipal court. Aggravated Assault charges, on the other hand, are tried in Ocean County Superior Court.

In the case at hand, the suspect likely faces a third-degree indictable offense in which he faces three to five years in jail, probation, and steep fines. For more information on Aggravated Assault charges in New Jersey, please feel free to contact the William Proetta Criminal Law at 732.494.7900.

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