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Arrested for Destructive Device Possession in South Plainfield NJ Labor Day and the parades that commemorate the holiday are an important part of town life throughout New Jersey. South Plainfield has held a Labor Day parade every year for the last 62 years and the event has never been canceled, even during the Great Recession. […]

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You don’t want to be stopped anywhere by law enforcement if you are carrying a firearm that you are only permitted to carry in another state, but this is especially true in Ocean County and elsewhere in New Jersey. The New Jersey legislature has passed some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, and […]


Clark NJ Weapons Defense Lawyers If you have been charged with having illegal handguns or other weapons in Clark or another town in Union County, NJ, it is vital to understand the criminal charges that you are facing and the potential consequences that may be forthcoming if you don’t have skilled legal counsel. Not only could you […]

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New Jersey prosecutors enforce a number of serious gun laws that apply throughout the state, including in Ocean County. Sustaining a conviction for a gun offense can have many serious consequences. For example, many New Jersey gun laws carry harsh mandatory minimum jail terms. If you are facing prosecution for a gun offense in New […]

While New Jersey law makes a distinction between deadly weapons like handguns, shotguns, and rifles, and what some people would consider recreational “toy” guns like airsoft guns, BB guns, or paintball guns, these later three are still classified as “firearms” under N.J.S.A. 2C:39-1. This includes electric airsoft guns, gas airsoft guns, spring-powered airsoft guns, pump paintball guns, […]

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Criminal charges in New Jersey are often issued in conjunction, as opposed to isolation. Many crimes overlap, involving more than one violation of a statute in the NJ Criminal Code of Justice. For example, it is common for a person to be charged with aggravated assault and a weapons offense in connection with the same incident. This happens […]

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If You’re Facing Charges for a Gun Crime in Jersey City, NJ, Contact Experienced Gun Defense Lawyer William a. Proetta at (201) 793-8018 for Immediate Assistance. Although gun violence in Jersey City, NJ has declined by 27 percent since this same time last year, a recent increase of shootings in Jersey City has caused concern and led […]


The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides the right to “bear arms”—yet the interpretation of what this right means has been debated over the past several decades with increasing frequency and varies from state to state. One area of firearm regulation that is often highly contentious is an individual’s ability to carry a firearm […]

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On Thursday, a 25-year-old man was arrested in Jersey City and charged with possession of a semi-automatic handgun, possession of heroin and cocaine, resisting arrest, and contempt, along with additional charges. The arrest came less than 24 hours after a non-fatal shooting occurred in Jersey City, which the suspect is allegedly connected to. The handgun seized from the suspect was one of […]


Unbeknownst to many, it is most certainly possible to be charged with unlawful possession of a weapon that does not belong to you in New Jersey. Possession does not require ownership—it requires physical possession or intent and capacity to exercise control over the weapon. Under New Jersey weapons law, it is illegal to knowingly be in […]