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Leader of a Drug Trafficking Network Attorney in Middlesex County

NJ Leader of a Drug Trafficking Network 2C:35-3

Criminal Defense Lawyers for Clients Facing Narcotics Trafficking Charges in Middlesex County, NJ

The most extreme of all controlled dangerous substances violations in New Jersey is leading a narcotics trafficking network – N.J.S.A. 2C:35-3. Heading up an organization that manufactures, distributes, or sells narcotics is severe enough to land you in prison for life. Performing the role of a drug kingpin is a first degree crime with heavy penalties. A convicted drug trafficking leader may get life in prison with a mandatory 25 years to serve and a $750,000.00 fine unless the street value of the drugs in the operation multiplied by five is higher. No doubt the legislature intended to run down drug trafficking outfits from the top down, removing those who organize, finance, supervise or manage a drug production and distribution venture from free society for a long time. If you have been accused of being a drug kingpin in New Jersey, you are now facing challenging circumstances, a potentially lengthy prison term, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for leading a narcotics trafficking ring. In this dicey circumstance, your future is at risk for decades, if not the rest of your life. For this reason, it is vital to your very freedom and survival to seek the assistance of a skilled and aggressive criminal defense lawyer.

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Legal Definition of Leading a Narcotics Trafficking Operation in New Jersey

The law defines a leader of a drug trafficking operation as one who invests in the business or finances the purchase of controlled dangerous substances (CDS), expecting to make a profit from such monetary or other capital layouts. The organizer of the enterprise is the one with the blueprint for how things run. The manager may work below or in tandem with the organizer and financier. They manage the daily work of the network, and the supervisor may oversee the entire operation. No matter what role the leader takes, a prosecutor can prove the charge of leading a drug network by certain facts. For example, they can show the accused had a high-ranking role in making the operation work and, along with at least two others, conspired to profit from the production and distribution of illegal drugs or legal drugs without a license.

Necessary Elements of the Offense N.J.S.A.2C:35-3

The penalties for drug kingpins are so high that the prosecutor’s burden of proof is equally high. First, they must demonstrate the controlled dangerous substance manufactured or sold is a Schedule I or II drug. Schedule I or II drugs include methamphetamineLSD, psilocybin mushrooms, flunitrazepam (sedative), or phencyclidine gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), which is a depressant or date rape drug. Other Schedule I or II drugs include heroin, cocaine, or marijuana. Additionally, the prosecutor must lay out the evidence of a scheme to manufacture, distribute, transport, or import the illegal substance into New Jersey. Further, the leader (with proof of their role) unlawfully operated, managed, supervised, or financed the operation for a profit with the agreement of at least one other person to assist or otherwise participate in the illegal operation. Once the prosecutor meets their burden of proof, the court may convict you for being the leader of a drug trafficking outfit.

Additional Charges in Drug Trafficking Cases

It’s not uncommon for people charged in these cases to face multiple drug charges aside from narcotics trafficking. For example, it may be a disorderly persons offense, fourth, third, second, or first degree crime, depending on the drug and amount, to possess a controlled dangerous substance. So, if the police catch you with illegal drugs on your person or in a car with drugs you knew about, you could be charged with actually possessing or constructively possessing CDS. In addition, if you sold drugs to someone, the police could arrest you for unlawfully selling drugs under the New Jersey drug distribution statute. On top of that, it is a third degree crime to possess with the intent to sell or distribute a controlled dangerous substance in a school zone, meaning on or near school grounds or school-related locations. These and many more crimes may come your way when authorities are seeking to secure maximum penalties for leading a narcotics ring.

Contact New Brunswick NJ Leader of a Narcotics Trafficking Operation Attorneys

Hiring a criminal defense attorney who knows how to handle drug trafficking charges, whether it be through negotiations with state authorities or litigating the case at trial, may be your best chance at controlling what happens to you. A prosecutor with problems proving an element of the leader of a narcotics trafficking ring offense may agree to a much lighter sentence, or dismissing some of the charges while keeping a few included in the indictment against you. Not to mention, if the police, officials, or investigators violated your protected rights under the Constitution in the course of their investigation, there may be essential evidence that they simply cannot use to prove their case in a court of law. It’s with the keen eye and zealous representation of your defense lawyer that you can unravel the accusations and the consequences they entail. When faced with a lifetime of incarceration and missing your family’s lives while on the inside, a skilled criminal lawyer with experience in high-level drug charges can be the most valuable asset you have.

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