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LSD (acid) is a highly potent drug that has no accepted medical use in New Jersey. Due to its high potential for abuse, LSD is classified as a Schedule I Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS). As a result, possessing any amount of LSD in New Jersey is a felony crime for which you can be sentenced to serve time in state prison for 3 to 5 years. If you have been charged with possession, distribution, or intent to distribute LSD in Middlesex County, you should speak with one of our attorneys before going to court or making any further decisions regarding your case. We have experience fighting drug cases and know all too well the dangers that these charges pose to the individuals accused. Thankfully, because of our knowledge in this area, we are able to explain the case to you, advise you of your rights, and aggressively defend against your charges if you choose to enlist our help. Read below for an overview of LSD related drug charges and a better understanding of how an arrest for these types of offenses can impact you and your loved ones. If you would like to discuss your case with a dedicated criminal defense lawyer for clients in New Brunswick, Edison, South Brunswick, Metuchen, Woodbridge, Perth Amboy, and other Middlesex County towns free of charge, call (732)-659-9600 or contact us online today.

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide is a Schedule I Drug (CDS) in New Jersey

LSD stands for lysergic acid diethylamide. The drug has no color or smell and is often identified by its packaging. The hallucinogen can be stored and ingested in various forms such as tablets, liquid, or more commonly, on square blotter paper which enables the user to lick or absorb it by placing it on or under the tongue. The problem with the drug is that it has no medicinal value, meaning, a doctor would or could not prescribe the drug for treatment purposes. For instance, LSD has the potential to cause: hallucinations, flashbacks, psychosis, depression, distorted perception or inability to adequately perceive reality, high heart rate and temperature, and even death.

Failure to identify any treatment value in the medical community, and it has a high potential for abuse, has led New Jersey to classify LSD as a Schedule I Controlled Dangerous Substance. All prohibited substances are listed and ranked on the Five Schedules of Controlled Dangerous Substances. The Schedules then correspond with the criminal statutes that make the drugs contained therein illegal to possess altogether, or illegal to possess without proper prescription authorization. These statutes also define the degrees of the crimes for which individuals may face charges for LSD and other controlled dangerous substances.

LSD Possession Law N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10(a)(1)

In New Jersey, even one tab of acid is a third degree crime. There is no lesser offense that you can be charged with for possessing LSD. If you are caught with the substance and have any prior offenses on your record, you can be punished by as much as 5 years in New Jersey State Prison and financially penalized with a fine up to $35,000, as well as the imposition of a license suspension. Additionally, if you were found to be in possession of this substance while in a motor vehicle, you can be charged with CDS in a motor vehicle and lose your license for 2 years.

Fortunately for those that have no criminal history, there is a presumption against going to jail. In these cases, the courts favor programs like Pretrial Intervention (PTI) and probation. For PTI, the criminal charges can be dismissed by meeting all court-imposed conditions. Also, probation can be ordered to allow you time to demonstrate that you can remain in compliance with all New Jersey laws as opposed to jail. Even if you do not fit into this category of defendants, there are things that we can do to minimize the permitted consequences that may be implemented by the court.

New Jersey Law on Distribution of LSD and Possession with Intent to Distribute N.J.S.A. 2C:35-5

In the event that you possess larger quantities of LSD with the suspected intent to distribute, or are caught in the act of distributing the drug, you face more serious charges and punishment. Generally, in New Jersey, drug offenses are graded by the amount of the substance involved in the alleged crime. This holds true with LSD, as a small amount will subject you to a third degree possession charge, while larger amounts can lead to distribution charges. For LSD, the more serious offenses by degree are:

  • First Degree Distribution/ Possession with Intent to Distribute: This offense is permitted if you possess greater than 100 milligrams. There is a presumption of incarceration of 10-20 years for anyone, including first time offenders, convicted of this offense. The potential fine is $500,000.
  • Second Degree Distribution/Possession with Intent to Distribute: Possessing less than 100 milligrams with the intent to distribute or distributing an amount less than 100 mg will result in this charge. If convicted, you can expect to be sentenced to 5-10 years, and a presumption of prison applies.

Similarly, serious charges can be filed if you possess LSD with the intention of distributing, or do distribute within 1000 feet of school property. If convicted of this third degree crime, unless you enroll in Drug Court, the Judge is required to send you to state prison for a minimum of three years. During the three-year term, you will not be eligible for parole. The court also has the authority to fine you as much as $150,000.

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When arrested for LSD, you face varying consequences depending on the amount of the drug, the degree of the charges, and your criminal history. With experience defending clients charged with LSD possession and distribution, we know the strategies and nuances in these cases that can be used to minimize the consequences for our clients. Regardless of whether your case originated in East Brunswick, Dunellen, Carteret, Plainfield, Colonia, or elsewhere in the Middlesex County NJ area, our criminal defense lawyers have what it takes to defend you. Contact us at (732)-659-9600 now for a free consultation.