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Being accused of drug distribution or possession with intent to distribute drugs in South Brunswick, NJ puts a lot on the line for you and those you love. When you are facing charges for distribution of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS), the amount of drugs involved in your case and the specific type of drug are important when determining the degree of the charge and consequences of a conviction. If you have been arrested in a drug bust or otherwise charged with distributing or possession of CDS with intent to distribute in South Brunswick, you should consult with an attorney at the earliest possible moment. Answering any questions or speaking to police will not serve your defense. The South Brunswick, New Jersey drug distribution attorneys at our firm have been defending clients arrested for selling drugs for years. From our local office, we have defended countless clients in South Brunswick and throughout Middlesex County. Get a free consultation about your South Brunswick drug distribution charges by calling (732) 659-9600 now.

Charged with Intent to Distribute in South Brunswick, NJ

Distribution of or possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance charges exist on a spectrum, with the charges and penalties increasing based on the specific drug classification and amount of the substance involved.

Let’s take Xanax as an example. Xanax is one of the most commonly-used members of a drug family called benzodiazepines, a group of tranquilizers or central nervous system depressants routinely prescribed to treat anxiety. Xanax can be habit-forming and has a high incidence of abuse. Counterfeiters frequently use “pill presses” and industrial mixers to manufacture counterfeit Xanax, using knock-off research chemicals and other types of benzodiazepines or precursors to make pills that are then stamped with a “Xanax” brand name and passed-off to customers as the real thing.

Distributing prescription drugs, such as Xanax or alprazolam, can be charged as a disorderly persons offense if you have four or fewer pills; a fourth degree crime if you have four pills; a third degree offense if you have five to one hundred pills; or a second degree indictable offense if you have over one hundred pills. The consequences of drug distribution can range similarly. For instance, disorderly persons offenses can carry $1,000 fines and months in prisons, whereas indictable offenses can carry as many as ten years in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

If your case involving distributing marijuana, you should know the specific guidelines associated with charging and sentencing for these offenses, as is the case if the drugs you are accused of selling are cocaine or any other substance.

Busted for Selling Drugs in South Brunswick

Three men were caught running a massive illegal pharmaceutical sales operation over the dark web in Middlesex County. In this case, the men, one of whom was a resident of South Brunswick, ran a sophisticated illegal drug ring using digital storefronts that marketed, sold, and shipped over $2.3 million dollars-worth of counterfeit Xanax pills to customers across the United States. In this drug bust, law enforcement seized four different pill presses, along with industrial mixers, additional drug manufacturing paraphernalia, and thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency. The three alleged illegal drug manufacturers accepted crypto-currency generated via prepaid debit cards and shipped counterfeit pills in exchange for that payment. Customers were able to access the men’s websites via the dark web, an encrypted and anonymous network that does not appear on search engines and that requires a special web browser to be viewed.

Investigators seized 420,000 to 620,000 knockoff alprazolam pills (alprazolam being the generic name for Xanax) from these three men who lived in South Brunswick, Jamesburg, and Jackson, in addition to heroin laced with fentanyl, ketamine, GHB, and methamphetamine. Undercover investigators bought over 10,000 knock-off Xanax pills and other illicit drugs as part of this drug bust, which prosecutors have stated was the largest in New Jersey’s history. Law enforcement also intercepted approximately 8,000 additional drug tablets that were sent through the mail.

Prosecutors from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, with some assistance from the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office and the South Brunswick Police Department, brought federal conspiracy and money laundering charges against the three men who were arrested. These crimes are typically alleged in situations involving the interstate sale and marketing of illegal drugs. They could also have potentially faced New Jersey charges for manufacturing and possessing a controlled dangerous substances with intent to distribute. Prosecutors would have relied on the presence of pill presses and other manufacturing paraphernalia, in addition to the sheer volume of drugs and currency recovered, to establish that the men were involved in a drug distribution ring.

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