Leaving the Scene of Accident on Turnpike Dismissed

Traffic Violations

Our New Jersey traffic defense attorneys recently represented a client who was charged with leaving the scene of an accident after a car crash on the turnpike. To make matters worse, it was alleged that the car accident resulted from a road rage incident between our client and the other driver after one cut the other off and stopped short.

Our client was adamant that he did not do anything wrong and that there was no accident or damage to either vehicle. Based on this he did not want to take any type of plea deal or admit to doing anything wrong. In order to secure such an outcome we had to appear multiple times in court over several months eventually setting the case for a trial. At the time of trial our attorney made a motion to dismiss the charge for leaving the scene of an accident based on the lack of prosecution because the state was still missing crucial evidence that they would require to prove the charges. In the end, our client was able to walk out of court without admitting any guilt or paying any fines. If you are facing charges for leaving the scene of an accident like the above example, then contact our office today for a free consultation where we can discuss the facts of your case and possible defenses.

State v. W.S. decided June 12, 2017