Man Stealing In Supermarket.

Shoplifting Attorneys in Toms River NJ

Toms River is a heavily populated area in Ocean County. There are various strip malls, retail outlets for shopping and dining. However, with all of these locations, Ocean County Mall in particular, juveniles and adults alike may feel a desire to lift and pocket items without paying the cashier. Shoplifting, whether compulsive or intentional, is a precarious venture. If caught, Toms River Police Officers will arrest you, process you and serve you with criminal charges and a future court date. Depending on the value of the merchandise involved, you will either be appearing before the Toms River Municipal Court or the Ocean County Superior Court. For assistance with your disorderly persons shoplifting charge contact the lawyers at 848-238-2100. Our team of shoplifting trial attorneys will assist you step-by-step in this uncomfortable process. Let us put our years of experience to work for you or your loved one.

Accused of Shoplifting at the Ocean County Mall?

Shoplifting Law N.J.S.A. 2C:20-11

Under N.J.S.A. 2C:20-11, shoplifting is prohibited in 6 scenarios. Each deals with a different type of conduct but they all have the same underlying concept: taking something with the intention to deprive the owner of its full value. The degree and severity of your charges directly correlates with the value of the items stolen. For example:

  • Second degree shoplifting involves merchandise in excess of $75,000.00. A conviction for second degree shoplifting will carry a 5 – 10 year state prison with a presumption of incarceration.
  • Third degree shoplifting involves merchandise in excess of $500 but less than $75,000. A conviction for this offense will carry between 3 and 5 years in a state prison.
  • Fourth degree shoplifting involves merchandise in excess of $200 but less than $500. A conviction will carry up to 18 months in incarceration.
  • Disorderly persons shoplifting involves merchandise less than $200. A conviction will carry up to 6 months in the Ocean County Jail.

*However, it is important to note that a third offense for shoplifting is a mandatory jail sentence. Specifically, 2C:20-11b requires that you a third time offender serve at least 90 days in the Ocean County Jail, regardless of the value of the merchandise involved.  For more information on shoplifting, please checkout our Ocean County Shoplifting Defense practice area by clicking the link.

Can I be Deported for Shoplifting in Toms River New Jersey?

In our ever-changing political climate, illegal residents are constantly looking over their shoulder. With ICE officers in full force, any blip on their radar may result in your detainment and deportation. If you are convicted of shoplifting, you could find yourself in ICE’s crosshairs. As a theft, shoplifting falls under the umbrella of “crimes of moral turpitude” (CIMT), which make its a deportable offense under federal law. It is imperative that you consult and retain an experienced shoplifting attorney before appear for court. You or your loved ones do not want to walk out of the courthouse and into the arms of ICE agents. There several things that may be able to be done, depending on the circumstances of your case, in order to prevent serious immigration consequences. Speak with an attorney and find out what options may be available to you and your loved ones.

Can I Get My Shoplifting Charge Expunged in Toms River?

If you have already been charged and convicted of shoplifting, you may be eligible for an expungement. An expungement is a tool provided by the courts that allows for your records to be “expunged” or sealed from public view. For young adults and professionals alike, an expungement is a great resource and should be strongly considered. Contact our Point Pleasant office today at 848-238-2100 and find out if you are eligible for an expungement of your shoplifting charge in Ocean County.