Drug Court in Union County

Defendant’s who are facing mandatory prison time as repeat offenders or charged with second degree and first degree drug distribution may by able to obtain admission into Drug Court to avoid a state prison sentence. Drug Court is a highly specialized program that is run through the Superior Court to address non-violent drug related cases. The objective focuses on treatment and recovery. This is a rigorous program requiring intense supervision, frequent court appearances, probation and treatment. Both treatment and recovery aspects are tightly structured and monitored. William Proetta Criminal Law represents clients who have been charged with serious drug charges such as Distribution of MarijuanaPossession of Cocaine, and Heroin Distribution throughout New Jersey including Union Township, Elizabeth, Linden, Cranford, Rahway, Plainfield, and Scotch Plains. Drug Court can be a very viable option in some cases where a defendant is facing indefinite prison time. If you have any questions about our office can assist you contact us today at (908) 838-0150.

Union County Superior Court: The Drug Court Program

The Union County Superior Court is one of several counties in New Jersey with a Drug Court program. According to guidelines of the Drug Court Manual, a defendant may be eligible for drug court under N.J.S.A. 2C:35-14 (Special Probation for prison-bound offenders) or N.J.S.A. 2C:45-1 (Ordinary Probation). Requirements include: employment, intense supervision, random and frequent drug testing, and periodic court appearances. The duration of the Drug Court program is different for each defendant and is normally reflective of how prison exposure they were facing for the charges.

Information on the Union County Drug Court Program is listed below, for additional information regarding the Drug Court Program contact any of the team members indicated below. Applications and additional information is available in the Drug Court Unit located on the 6th floor in the Court House, Elizabeth, NJ:

  • Union County Courthouse: 2 Broad St, Elizabeth NJ 07207, New Tower 5th Floor
  • Drug Court Judge: John S. Triarsi, J.S.C.
  • Supervising Probation Officer: Wendi Cabell (908)-659-4062
    Senior Probation Officer: Ann Mullan 908-659-4030
    Senior Probation Officer: Bertha Moran: 908-659-4032
    Probation Officer: Nia Taylor: 908-659-4035

Drug Court: Intensive Drug Treatment Instead of Prison

The Drug Court program is a huge break for someone facing indefinite prison but it is not to be taken lightly because a lot is expected from its participants. If you fail to meet any of the requirements of the program you can be terminated immediately and will fulfill the remainder of your time in state prison. As founding attorney, William Proetta, has successfully negotiated pleas for clients to secure their admittance into Drug Court and thereby avoid lengthy state prison sentences. If you take the program seriously and meet the requirements then the benefits are immense but just like anything else in life you get out of it what you put into it. If you are facing serious drug charges and think Drug Court may be an option for you then contact our office, conveniently located in Cranford, at (908) 838-0150.