Pre-Trial Intervention (“PTI”) Attorney in Union County

Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) is a diversion program that is run through the County Prosecutor’s Office at the Superior Court level for defendants charged with indictable offenses. As a general rule, only first-time offenders are eligible for PTI which allows a defendant an alternative to the traditional criminal justice process. Moreover, certain crimes such as second degree offenses, weapons, and drug distribution are normally not eligible for Pre-Trial Intervention. PTI seeks to render early rehabilitative intervention to deter future criminal behavior. This is because the PTI program is based on a rehabilitative model that recognizes the causal connection between the offense charged and the rehabilitative needs of the client. Therefore, the PTI office focuses on the social, cultural and economic conditions which often result in the defendant’s decision to commit an offense. The probation monitoring, community service, and counseling through PTI aims at solving the personal problems of participants that lead to the crimes committed and the ultimate goal for these participants is to be deterred from future criminal involvement.

Union County NJ Pre-Trial Intervention Program

The PTI intake unit is located at the New Annex Building at the Union County Superior Court which is located at 2 Broad Street, Elizabethtown Plaza, 2nd Floor, Elizabeth, NJ 07207. The Honorable John S. Triarsi hears the PTI cases because most are done through Plea Disposition Conference (PDC court) in the Old Annex. Below we have also provided more information regarding the Pre-Trial Intervention program in Union County, New Jersey.
Main Number: 908-659-3200
Fax Number: 908-659-3202

Edward Wingren, Team Leader 908-659-3233

Hattie Brown-James, Supervisor 908-659-3212

The PTI Process

Below we have included a highlight of the entire PTI process from the application to the actual participation required in the program.

  • First, the defendant has to make application to the Pre-Trial Intervention program. At this point you are scheduled for an appointment to be interviewed by a Probation Officer/Investigator. The interview is completed during which background information is then verified through an investigative procedure. Also during this time, if it is discovered that a substance abuse or psychological evaluation is needed, a referral is made.
  • An application takes four to six weeks to process. The report is compiled from correspondence, the interview, substance abuse evaluation, etc. Once the application is completed, it is reviewed by the PTI Supervisor, the County Prosecutor and the Judge.
  • If admitted into PTI, the client is seen by the Probation Officer. Any problems are addressed by the Probation Officer, and all drug offenders are urine monitored by the Probation Officer with the assistance of a substance abuse evaluator. If you fail to meet the requirements of the program then you will be terminated from PTI and the charges will be re-opened against you.