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There are well over a hundred people arrested for DUI charges in Sayreville, NJ each year. In this article will provide you with a highlight reel of everything you need to know when facing a DWI charge in Sayreville and how to potentially beat the case. The number of DUI arrests in Sayreville is so high because it is the product of a combination of State Troopers on the Garden State Parkway and Sayreville Police on the local roadways. Depending on which agency arrested you, can sometimes dictate what evidence will be available for your DWI case. For instance, the state police typically have dashboard video cameras in their cars but they don’t wear body cameras. On the other hand, Sayreville police may be able to provide a video from the headquarters. Knowing facts like this allows you to request those specific videos and argue for a suppression or dismissal of the case if that evidence is not provided. However, make no mistake – the Sayreville municipal prosecutor is an experienced trial attorney and he will not back down and dismiss your DWI case without a fight.

How Can A Lawyer Beat My DWI?

Due to the complicated nature of the discovery involved and defenses raised in beating these charges, an experienced DUI defense attorney provides the best possible chance at saving you the financial costs and damage to your reputation typically associated with these charges. At William Proetta Criminal Law, our committed and passionate attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of clients facing DWI charges in Sayreville, Middlesex County, and throughout New Jersey. Founding attorney Will Proetta is proud to hold a certification as an Instructor of the Standard Field Sobriety Testing (SFST), the very method used by police in observing and ultimately administering DWI charges. He is also certified as an Operator of the Alcotest machine, the machine used by NJ police in gauging Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). His unique expertise places our clients at an advantage when it comes to critically evaluating and challenging evidence that the state uses against them. Feel free to contact our office today at (732) 659-9600 for a free conversation with a defense attorney who can answer your questions and help lay out a strategy for your defense. Our representatives are available 24/7 to answer your call.

What Are The Penalties For A DUI in Sayreville?

If you are fighting a DWI case in Sayreville then it is crucial that you know and understand the penalties that you face and your possible defenses. A conviction for DWI or DUI (these terms are be used interchangeably) unequivocally results in a mandatory ignition interlock device for up to 15 months, plus the potential for a 6 month period of license suspension depending on your blood alcohol content, even as a first time offender. For subsequent offenses, such as a second or third DWI offense jail time becomes mandatory and carries 2 – 90 days and 180 days in county jail respectively. However, for a second offense DUI the jail time can be converted into 48 hours of IDRC classes by the judge in lieu of the minimum 2 days of jail. In third offense DWI cases, up to 90 days of the 180 day sentence can be served in an approved in-patient facility. For a more comprehensive explanation about DWI penalties in New Jersey you visit our specialty on the subject which goes into detail about the specific penalties that pertain to each DWI or Refusal offense.

DWI “Hot Stops” To Avoid in Sayreville, NJ

  • Garden State Parkway – This stretch of highway south of the Driscoll Bridge that includes exits 125, 124, and 123 is heavily patrolled by the State Police how are constantly on the look out for potential drunk drivers coming back from Staten Island or the Jersey Shore. Moreover, it is important to note that the Cheesequake Rest Area right off the parkway is also located within the Sayreville and is a popular spot for undercover state police who are searching for drug activity and drunk drivers sleeping in their cars.
  • Route 9 – The section of Rt. 9 that runs through Sayreville is heavily developed and is notorious for stop and go traffic and car accidents. These accidents often times lead to a DWI arrest after police smell alcohol on the driver. Every year cops catch a few drunks making a late night munchie run to one of the many fast food spots along this stretch including McDonald’s, Taco Bell and White Castle
  • Route 35 – Local Sayreville Police know this stretch of highway is regularly traveled by DWI drivers coming home from one of the many bars or strip clubs scattered along the highway.
  • Main St & Main St Extension – This roadway has a direct connection to the parkway and eventually drops you off in the downtown of Sayreville.
  • Ernston Rd – Ernston Road always seems to have a lot of action. This is probably due to the fact that it connects Route 9 and Route 35. Ernston also intersects Washington, Bordentown, and Main Street.
  • Washington Rd – Often used by drivers traversing the town because it provides a straight shot from South River to South Amboy.
  • Bordentown Rd – This roadway runs along the southern border of Sayreville and northern border of Old Bridge
  • Jernee Mill Rd – This is not a heavily populated road but it is often used by drivers cutting through Sayreville since the roadway takes you directly out of the downtown and south towards Old Bridge. Connects Washington Road and Bordentown Road

What Happens After My Sayreville DUI Arrest ?

Car key on the bar with spilled alcohol

Every year there are a large quantity of DWI arrests in Sayreville due to its proximity to the Garden State Parkway and I-95. This leads strategic location in Middlesex County leads to a large number of arrests by state and local police. Regardless of which agency you are stopped and arrested by, you will ultimately be required to appear in Sayreville Municipal Court to address your charges. Sayreville is a very busy municipal court that often times schedules well over a 100 cases at a time. This process can be hectic and intimidating for someone who is unfamiliar with how the court works. That is why we always recommend that you contact and hire a DWI defense attorney well in advance of your court date. Driving While Intoxicated charges in Sayreville are often quite complicated and may take upwards of a year to fully litigate. This is often due to the large amounts of discovery and evidence that must be sorted through and understood in order for the state to make its case against you. During this time you will probably be required to appear in court several times throughout the case and should always arrive on time and prepared to stay several hours, as the court calendar can be very busy.

Contact A DUI Refusal Attorney in Sayreville

DWI charges are not criminal charges, but the associated penalties can be just as severe. New Jersey statute makes defending driving while intoxicated charges more difficult than other traffic tickets. New Jersey does not allow municipal prosecutors to offer any plea negotiations for DWI defendants. Furthermore, if your case goes to trial, you will not be availed of a trial by jury, but rather your conviction is up to the sole discretion of a municipal court judge. Complicating matters, if you plead or are found guilty, you cannot get a work license or “hardship” license in New Jersey. An experienced DUI attorney greatly heightens your ability to successfully defend your charges. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you or your love one with your Sayreville DWI charge and build a case strategy customized to your unique situation, please contact us today at (732) 659-9600 for a free consultation.