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Woodbridge Township NJ DWI Charges

If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Woodbridge, New Jersey, then it is vital that you understand penalties that you are facing and the options that have. You will find many of those issues addressed throughout in this article. First and foremost it is important to understand that Woodbridge processes hundreds of DWI arrests throughout the year because of all the cars that are pulled over on the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, Route 1 & 9, and Route 18 that run through the town. This makes Woodbridge one of the top towns for DUI arrests in New Jersey. However, this important fact can sometimes work to your advantage because the sheer volume of DWI cases often leads to some level of disorganization inside the Woodbridge courthouse. The only way for Woodbridge Municipal Court to keep a handle on all their DWI cases is to eventually schedule them all for something known a “Blitz Day” where each case is listed on the same day with the goal of getting them all resolved no matter what.

How Can A Lawyer Beat My Woodbridge DUI Case?

New Jersey is among the strictest states when it comes to DWI enforcement laws and penalties. Such penalties include a possible 6-month loss of license for a first offender, a 1 to 2-year license suspension for a second offender, and a mandatory 8-year suspension of driving privileges for those convicted of DWI for a third or subsequent time. These penalties come in addition to a mandatory ignition interlock device in your vehicle, community services, fines, three years of motor vehicle surcharges, and even possible jail time. Often, the only recourse available to person facing DWI charges is an experienced DWI defense attorney. In fact, the outcome of your case is highly contingent upon the quality of your defense at trial and before trial, the filing of motions by your attorney. The exact motions that your attorney files will depend on the facts and evidence of the case. For example, if the police officer did not have a legal reason to stop your vehicle in the first place, it might be possible for your attorney to file a motion to suppress or exclude any evidence that was later obtained by police showing that you were intoxicated. Another type of motion that your attorney may need to file is a motion to compel discovery: this would be necessary if the prosecution was stalling and refused to turn over important evidence that your attorney had already requested. In other cases, there are issues with the breathalyzer test or how it was administered, which opens the door for getting the breath test results thrown out. This means that the reading of your blood alcohol concentration cannot be used against you.

The attorneys at William Proetta Criminal Law have successfully represented hundreds of clients facing DUI charges in Woodbridge and Middlesex County. Additionally, founding attorney Will Proetta is proud to hold dual certification as an Instructor for the Standard Field Sobriety Testing used by state and local police and as an operator of the Alcotest machine, which is New Jersey’s mechanism for judging field sobriety. Our firm has takes these extra steps to specialize and perfect our methods of DWI defense in order to provide best-in-class legal defense for our clients. Our initial consultations are always free and our attorneys stand ready to assist you in crafting a defense customized to meet your unique and important needs. Contact our Middlesex County offices anytime at (732) 659-9600 to discuss your case.

What Happens After I’ve Been Arrested For DWI In Woodbridge?

Whether you were arrested by a New Jersey State Trooper or Woodbrige Township police officer; and the arrest occurred anywhere within the township including Avenel, Colonia, Iselin, Port Reading, and Sewaren, you will ultimately be required to appear in Woodbridge Township Municipal Court to address the charges that you are facing. Your first court date will normally be written or typed on the ticket that you received at the time of your arrest. It is important that you get to court on time to check in, but you should be prepared to stay several hours to have your case heard before the judge because Woodbridge Municipal Court’s is one of the busiest courts in the entire state when it comes to handlingDWI charges. If you decide to hire a private attorney then it is recommended that you contact and retain a defense attorney well in advance of the date of your scheduled court appearance in order for them to be properly prepared and represented. For instance, all the Woodbridge police cars and local State Trooper cars have video players in them now and you would want to get that recording and review it prior to the court date because a lot of times the video can turn up problems with the State’s case against you. Please visit the Woodbridge Township Website page for further details concerning your court date and preparation.

What Are My Rights & Options To Defend My DWI?

It is no secret that DUI cases are difficult uphill battles. However, the consequences of accepting the penalties are so grave that a seasoned attorney can truly provide your greatest opportunity to avoid the penalties that you face. New Jersey courts allow no plea-bargaining in regard to a defendant’s driving while intoxicated charges. The difficulties facing a DWI defendant are many, including the fact that you don’t have the right to a jury trial but instead have to leave your fate in the sole discretion of the municipal court judge. Also, the municipal court is under a lot of pressure from the administrative office of the courts (AOC) to resolve DWI cases within 60 days of the arrest, which is a relatively short period of time. To make matters worse, New Jersey courts do not offer “hardship” or work license for individuals who have had their licenses suspended due to DWI. Ultimately, the best way to confront the state’s aggressive prosecution is to hire a tough DWI defense attorney with the experience and knowledge to challenge the state’s proofs and methodology in administering your DWI charge. At William Proetta Criminal Law we take DWI defense very seriously and have the tools you need to win

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