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Woodbridge has one of the busiest police departments in Middlesex County, writing several thousand tickets each year. Similarly, Woodbridge Municipal Court is one of the busiest courts in New Jersey, handling more municipal court cases than nearly any other municipal court in the state. If you or your loved one has been charged with a criminal complaint or serious traffic violation it is important that you contact a skilled and experienced lawyer who is familiar with the court system. At William Proetta Criminal Law, our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in Woodbridge who have been charged with disorderly persons offenses such as Drug PossessionDisorderly ConductSimple Assault, and Harassment. Our attorney’s diligently analyze the weaknesses in the State’s case against our clients and negotiate with the prosecution in order to achieve favorable outcomes. We are prepared to aggressively litigate on behalf of our clients if a plea agreement is not met. Our mission is to get our clients the best possible outcome that the law will allow. Such successes include getting the charges dismissed, downgraded, or amended to reflect a less serious event. If you would like to speak with an experienced Woodbridge criminal lawyer who will work with you and the facts of your case to build a customized case strategy, contact our Edison office at (732) 659-9600 for a free initial consultation.

When You Need a Woodbridge Township Attorney Fighting Your Charges

With our main office located down the road in Edison, our attorneys often handle criminal and DWI charges that arise out of Woodbridge Township. Many non-locals are unaware that there are major communities within Woodbridge that have their own high schools, shopping districts, and regional identities. Each sub-community within Woodbridge has its own unique set of legal trends and needs. It is useful to hire an attorney who is aware of the local geography and who can assist you throughout the legal process. If you have been arrested in one of the distinct communities within Woodbridge Township that include Avenel, Colonia, Iselin, Port Reading, or Sewaren, then you are within the jurisdiction of the Woodbridge Municipal Court which is where your case will eventually be decided.

Have a Case in Woodbridge Municipal Court

If you take a look at your summons, you will notice that your court date has already been set. It is important to contact the Woodbridge Municipal Court if you have any questions or concerns regarding your summons or the date of your hearing. It is best to air these concerns days in advance. The Woodbridge Municipal Court is located at 1 Main Street in Woodbridge, NJ 07095 and if you have any questions regarding your upcoming court date you should contact the court beforehand by telephone at (732) 636-6430. Judge Spencer B. Robbins, Judge Emery Z. Toth, and Judge Kevin H. Morse preside over the Woodbridge Municipal Court. Court is in session from Monday through Friday beginning at 8:45 a.m. Evening sessions are held Monday through Thursday at 6:45 p.m. The court administrator is Barbara Veit and the fax number is 732.855.7991. Please visit the Woodbridge Municipal Court Website for more information on the court proceedings.

Accused of Domestic Violence in Woodbridge, New Jersey

There is no crime called “domestic violence” listed in the New Jersey criminal code. Rather, domestic violence refers to a multitude of different offenses that are mentioned in the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act. These criminal offenses can lead to charges against anyone accused in New Jersey; however, the relationship between the defendant and the alleged victim is the defining feature in a domestic violence case. Often, criminal charges for domestic violence and restraining orders involve an accused individual and a victim who are or were intimate partners. Members of the same household now or in the past also qualify, as do current and former spouses, and individuals who share a child. The specific crimes covered by the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act include: Assault, Terroristic ThreatsStalkingKidnappingCriminal Restraint, False Imprisonment, Sexual Assault, Criminal Sexual Contact, Harassment, and several others.

When someone is accused of committing an act of domestic violence in Woodbridge, it is likely that they will be placed under arrest by law enforcement. In fact, in most cases, Woodbridge law enforcement will automatically arrest a person accused of domestic violence at the scene in order to protect the victim against the possibility of further violence. If the person is charged criminally or a restraining order has been filed and police were not called to a reported domestic dispute of some kind, then the accused may be arrested after the fact and held in jail pending a bail decision and possible detention hearing. The domestic violence case will then proceed on either or both of these fronts: (1) a criminal complaint handled in either the Woodbridge Brunswick Municipal Court or the Middlesex County Superior Court, depending on the severity of the offense; and (2) a restraining order hearing handled in the Middlesex County Family Court.

Served with a Restraining Order in Woodbridge

It is important to understand that the criminal complaint is a criminal matter that could involve jail or prison time, while the restraining order hearing is a civil matter that could result in a number of additional penalties and restrictions. For example, if a restraining order is granted in your case, you could be forbidden from returning to your home, barred from possessing a firearm, and prohibited from communicating with the victim. It is possible that all of this could happen on a temporary basis if the judge grants a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). A final decision with long-term consequences will be rendered at a Final Restraining Order (FRO) hearing, which will be held in superior court, and at which both you and the alleged victim will have an opportunity to testify. It is important to have a knowledgeable domestic violence defense attorney for both your Woodbridge criminal case and your Middlesex County restraining order hearing so that your legal rights are fully protected. Having a solid defense with help from lawyer with experience handling domestic violence charges and restraining orders in Woodbridge can position you for a more desirable outcome, particularly important considering the tarnished reputation, record, and repercussions on the line with these serious allegations.

Need a Lawyer for Juvenile Charges in Woodbridge NJ

When a child is taken into custody and charged with a juvenile offense in Woodbridge, NJ, it can be a terrifying time not just for the child but also for their parents. Depending on the circumstances of your child’s case and the severity of the criminal charges they face, it is possible that they will be taken into custody at the Woodbridge Police Station before being remanded to the Middlesex County Juvenile Detention Center in North Brunswick. In most instances, a juvenile defendant is only held at the juvenile detention center when the court determines either that the defendant is unlikely to show up for their court date or that the defendant poses a risk to the safety of the community. Once the prosecutor formally files criminal charges against the accused minor, the case will move through the legal system and a trial date may eventually be set. Importantly, a minor charged with a juvenile crime in Woodbridge will not have their case heard in the Woodbridge Municipal Court. Instead, juvenile charges against young people who live anywhere in Middlesex County are handled in the Middlesex County Family Court, which is part of the Middlesex County Superior Court in New Brunswick. Some of the most common juvenile charges adjudicated in the Middlesex County Juvenile Court include the following:

Keep in mind that if your child faces juvenile charges in Middlesex County, they will be required to have a lawyer representing them at their court date. That’s because New Jersey law mandates that a juvenile defendant must have legal representation, and it must be a licensed attorney because there is no option for waiving the right to legal counsel and/or having a parent or other adult speak for the minor in lieu of an attorney. In any case, this is strongly urged, as the complexities and alternatives available to individuals charged with crimes of all kinds often elude the general public. Experienced criminal defense lawyers who regularly tackle these issues on the front lines of the justice system have a large repository of information and tactics that can work to your benefit. For this reason, it can be extremely valuable to talk to a lawyer at the very least when you or your son or daughter has been accused of breaking the law in some way.

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A criminal charge or serious motor vehicle violation is not something that should be taken lightly. Charges such as Driving While SuspendedDWIShopliftingDriving With No Insurance, or Leaving the Scene of an Accident carry serious consequences such as incarceration, loss of driver’s license, monetary fees, and mandatory community service. You need an experienced defense attorney working on your behalf to protect your rights and interests. The founder of our firm, William A. Proetta, has handled thousands of criminal and traffic offenses on behalf of clients in New Jersey. He, along with the seasoned criminal defense team at our office, are ready to pursue any and all avenues toward the top outcome in your case. To discuss your criminal, traffic, or restraining order matter, call our conveniently located Middlesex County office at (732) 659-9600 to speak with a Woodbridge criminal attorney for absolutely free.

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