Cranford Criminal Mischief Attorney

Cranford Police were called to an altercation taking place in the street on September 19th around 9:45 pm. When police arrived, they discovered that a fight had taken place on Iroquois Road and the defendant, a local resident, was being detained by another man from Cranford.

A police investigation revealed that the altercation took place because the defendant had crawled under a pickup truck parked in a nearby driveway on a neighbor and cut the other man’s rear brake lines, according to police. However, the defendant was not stealthy enough and was confronted by the vehicle’s owner while perpetrating the act. He attempted to run away back to his house, leaving behind tools and other evidence, but was run down by the angry neighbor. Police believe that defendant knew the victim, but have not released information regarding a possible motive.

The defendant has been charged with Criminal Mischief, a fourth-degree crime, which is punishable by up 18 months in state prison. He was released from jail and has a court appearance pending in Union County Superior Court. It is very possible that the defendant could face even more serious escalated charges such as conspiracy to commit Aggravated Assault or even attempted Murder once the County Prosecutor’s Office reviews the case. If you or your loved one has been charged with criminal mischief or a related offense, contact our office today at (908) 838-0150 to speak with an experienced Cranford criminal lawyer.