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New Jersey has always been a leading advocate for sex crime victims. For that reason, our laws pertaining to sex offenses are some of the most severe. County Prosecutors, Ocean County included, have a special group of prosecutors assigned to prosecute sex crimes in particular. This demonstrates to attention the New Jersey has shown to protect sex crime victims and punish those defendants who are found guilty. With the deck stacked against you, it is imperative that you seek out and retain the best possible defense counsel to represent you. Not every case is a slam dunk for the Ocean County Prosecutor. If your case has contradicting statements, involves fuzzy recollections due to drugs or alcohol, or has some other issues in the proofs, you must find an experienced Ocean County Sex Crimes Attorney to expose the flaws in the State’s case-in-chief.

If you have been detained, interviewed, arrested and/or charged with a sexual offense, including but not limited to, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, distribution of child pornography, lewdness, or sexual contact, call the Ocean County Attorneys at William Proetta Criminal Law. Beyond the stigma that an arrest for a sex crime carries, you are also facing some of the stiffest and most suffocating penalties under New Jersey law. In certain cases, if you are convicted of a sex crime you could be facing a prison sentence of twenty-five years to life. Additionally, even if you receive a short prison sentence, you may still be required to remain on Parole Supervision and Megan’s Law restrictions. Furthermore, under the new bail guidelines, a Defendant could find themselves being detained for months without bail pending trial.

Have you or someone in your family been arrested and charged with a sexual offense? Take the opportunity to inform yourself of the criminal process and realistic outcomes that stand before you and your family. If your best option is trial, then you must begin crafting a defense strategy as soon as possible. Our firm handles cases throughout Ocean County and routinely appear before the Ocean County Superior Court, Toms River Municipal Court, Point Pleasant Municipal Court, Stafford Municipal Court, Manchester Municipal Court, Lakewood Municipal Court, Jackson Municipal Court and many more. For more information on your particular charges, please click on the following links:

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The law firm of William Proetta Criminal Law is a reputable and experienced Ocean County criminal defense firm. Our team of lawyers have represented countless defendant charged with varying sex crimes and we understand the intricacies and pitfalls that may be present in these types of cases. If you have been arrested, charged, arraigned or even had a detention hearing, it is not too late to find legal representation, call (848) 238-2100ƒ. We must act fast to interview witnesses and uncover any exculpatory evidence, should it exist. Call our office today and schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our attorneys to discuss the specifics of your case. Representative are available at all times and our attorneys will not hesitate to assist in any way possible.