Newark NJ Marijuana Charges

A Newark man turned himself in today to the Essex County Sheriff’s Office today, after he learned he had two open warrants for drug charges. This is commendable because most defendants will just wait for the police or sheriff’s officers to catch them on the street instead of taking responsibility and turning yourself in. After being placed under arrest, the sheriff officers conducted a routine search of the defendant before processing him for the warrants. There was just one big problem – the man had forgotten about the 22 bags of marijuana that he had hidden in his underwear! This of course lead to new drug charge, making the grand total 3 possession and drug distribution charges.

Here is an actually quote from one of the sheriff officer’s who was in disbelief:

“We can only surmise that [the defendant] had ingested a sufficient quantity of the marijuana which impacted his judgment and decision making processes before coming to the courthouse to surrender himself to us,” he said. “He must have thought he would be sentenced to six months on the original charges and this supply of marijuana would have tided him over during that period. This incident gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘reefer madness.’”

I have to admit I’m actually a little surprised myself and this is story pretty funny for every one but the defendant who is now sitting in Essex County Correctional Facility awaiting a court date. But all jokes aside, Marijuana Distribution charges are very serious and the defendant’s case will be heard in Essex County Superior Court in Newark because drug distribution or intent to distribute is an indictable felony offense. If you convicted, you will receive a permanent criminal record and be exposed to years in prison. If you have been charged with marijuana distribution it is important that you find an experienced drug defense lawyer to represent you. At our law firm, we are typically able to secure our clients a downgrade of the charges and or admittance into a diversion program such Pre-Trial Intervention which results in a complete dismissal upon completion.

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