open container while driving

Found With an Open Container of Liquor or Another Alcoholic Beverage in NJ? Although the days of Prohibition are long over and adults are allowed to enjoy alcoholic beverages in New Jersey and elsewhere, there are still laws that prevent people from having an open container of alcohol inside a motor vehicle. This applies to […]


Charged with Shoplifting in Point Pleasant, New Jersey Though known for a beach vacation getaway spot, Point Pleasant offers visitors many entertainment possibilities all year round. For example, Downtown is an explosion of custom antique shops and boutiques, among the array of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. Residents and visitors celebrate the sea and […]

adults only

When a minor gets into legal trouble, the community often takes responsibility to address the problem. The local police may advise the youth or call the youth’s parents to counsel and discipline the child. Community outreach organizations for troubled youth may play a part, and neighbors may watch out for the minor, especially if the […]

gun and handcuffs

After getting released from jail for illegal possession of a firearm, you face the reality that your predicament has potentially severe consequences. You did not realize that New Jersey laws are strict when it comes to having a gun without a permit. In fact, you may be sentenced to mandatory prison time if convicted and […]

innocent vs guilty

What to Know if You Are a Parent Charged With a Crime in NJ Criminal charges can be tough for anyone, but they can be especially hard on parents because the ramifications of an arrest and/or conviction are far-reaching and, in many cases, permanent. A parent who is charged with a crime in New Jersey […]

criminal background handcuffs

How does Having a Prior Conviction Impact a New Criminal Case in NJ? A criminal conviction on your record may affect you in unsuspected ways. Even one conviction can affect the severity of the sentence for your second offense. Since a judge has the discretion to tailor a sentence to the defendant before them, your […]

interfering dominoes

For any acts that prevent an officer from making an arrest or conducting police work, state law, local law, and other related laws may pertain to the same actions, compounding penalties. In New Jersey, interfering with police work can come in many forms, though typically not by mere words. So, when you witness an arrest […]

legal notice

Anyone convicted of a sex offense in New Jersey is probably familiar with Megan’s Law, the legislation passed by state lawmakers in 1994 to require certain individuals to register as sex offenders. This means that even after the defendant has served their sentence and been released from prison, they will have to notify their local […]

age of consent

A rape accusation can derail your future, creating a stigma that sticks with you for the rest of your life. A conviction for rape could have immediate ramifications, especially if you are sentenced to significant time in prison. Some rape charges are referred to as “statutory rape” in New Jersey because they automatically apply based […]

juvenile shoplifting clothes

It’s generally understood that teenagers are more likely to make mistakes than adults. Whether it’s a pre-teen who just doesn’t know any better, or an older kid caving to peer pressure, just about every parent knows that feeling of finding out that their child has done something that they simply shouldn’t have done. When the […]