East Brunswick Diversion Burglary Arrest

Two Men Arrested for Burglary on Border or Milltown and East Brunswick

According to thealternativepress.com, two men were arrested in East Brunswick, NJ on diversion burglary charges. The men allegedly posed as property inspectors as they drove to a house off of Fresh Ponds Road in a pickup truck. One man, dressed in a green and yellow safety vest, exited the truck and knocked on the door of a house, which was answered by a female occupant. The man then told the homeowner that he was there to check the property lines of her home and would need to see the back yard. They walked through the home to the back yard. The man suddenly ran back to the truck that then sped off on Fresh Ponds Road toward Milltown.

When the woman re-entered her home, she discovered that her purse and wallet, which had been located in her purse, were open. An unspecified amount of cash had been taken out of her wallet. She notified the police.

The men were later apprehended outside of Studio 6, Route 18. One suspect, from Fresno, CA, is a wanted fugitive in California. He was charged with burglary and possession of stolen property in addition to providing false information and hindering arrest as he provided a fraudulent license upon his arrest. The other suspect, of Norcross, GA, was likewise charged with burglary and possession of stolen property. Both men have been transferred to Middlesex County Jail in North Brunswick on $70,000 bail.

What is Diversion Burglary?

Diversion burglary is a crime in which perpetrators target individuals (who are often elderly persons) by attempting to draw a resident out of his or her home on some false pretext. While the resident is occupied with one perpetrator, an accomplice then enters the home and picks up valuables such as money and jewelry. Often, thieves also steal papers with the intent of committing identity theft.

In other instances, the accomplice will enter the dwelling by a second door while the resident is occupied at the other door with the first accomplice.

Individuals attempting to commit diversion burglary often assume the guises of:

  • Utility worker
  • Public official
  • Police officer
  • Firefighter
  • Door-to-door salesperson
  • Person asking about a lost pet
  • Lost person asking for directions
  • Person asking about working on the property
  • Surveyor

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