Brick Township Domestic Violence Case Shooting Deemed Justified

The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office recently released a report which contained findings about a domestic violence case in Brick Township, New Jersey, that left one man dead. Brick Township police officers responded to reports of a domestic assault, which escalated into a conflict between a local man and law enforcement.

Following a review, officials in the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office determined that police in Brick Township justifiably shot Keshawn Wilson after he barricaded himself inside of his home with a woman, her mother, and three children and shot at police.

Police came to Wilson’s house because they received a number of calls about an assault happening there. Wilson had hit and injured a 31-year-old woman and, as she tried to escape him, she fell down the stairs, causing more injuries. The woman’s mother was also injured while trying to protect her daughter. The women and children, one of whom was an infant, locked themselves in a bedroom, after which the 31-year-old escaped through a window and reached a neighbor’s home, alerting them to the domestic violence situation and the women and children trapped in the home.

Wilson reportedly shot at police first when they arrived at the home. Brick Township officers observed Wilson, who matched the description of the suspect provided on the 911 calls, and he was reportedly armed with a handgun. The police told him to drop the gun, yelling “Drop the gun!” according to one witness, but instead Wilson shot at them. Then, the officers shot him, and he fell outside of the house. He was declared dead at the scene. The Brick Police Special Emergency Response Team was called to the scene to sweep for additional weapons or armed individuals in the residence.

No officers were injured during the incident and the injured domestic violence victims were treated at a nearby medical center for non-life-threatening injuries. The New Jersey Attorney General and Ocean County Prosecutor will not present the matter to a grand jury to determine whether the use of lethal force was necessary.

Domestic Violence in Brick Township, New Jersey

At the heart of this case, it appears that there was an assault committed by Wilson, which then turned into a hostage situation and an assault on police before his death. In a sense, this is a domestic violence case that turned into a more extreme situation. Domestic violence essentially refers to any type of violent, aggressive, or threatening behavior between people in a “domestic” relationship as recognized by the New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act.

In order to qualify as a victim of domestic violence in New Jersey, you must be a spouse or former spouse, a present or former household member, have a child in common with another person, be expecting a child with someone, or be dating or previously dating. A victim of domestic violence, has the right to pursue a restraining order and criminal charges against an abuser.

A restraining order is a response to domestic violence and seeks to restrain one party. In New Jersey, there are two kinds of restraining orders, distinct in the length of time for which they apply. First, there is a temporary restraining order, which gives the victim temporary protection from someone until their final hearing. The second is a final restraining order, which is permanently placed into effect after a trial before a Family Court judge. As the plaintiff or the defendant in a restraining order case, it is extremely important to enlist an experienced domestic violence lawyer who can represent you during final restraining order proceedings.

Contact a Brick NJ Restraining Order Attorney

Restraining orders are very serious and can significantly alter your life. As a person accused of domestic violence, your may not be allowed to go to certain places, may be forced to move out of your home, may be prevented from having custody of your children, and many other devastating consequences. Violating a restraining order will also subject you to criminal charges in New Jersey. If you or someone you love is dealing with a domestic violence restraining order case in Brick Township or elsewhere in Ocean County, NJ, seek legal counsel to assist you with this serious situation. Contact the experienced Ocean County restraining order attorneys at William Proetta Criminal Law today at (848) 238-2100 for a free consultation. You can also send us a message online to arrange a free consultation or meeting at our local office in Toms River.

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