Fourth Degree Crime in South Brunswick NJ

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South Brunswick Criminal Defense Lawyers for Clients Charged with Fourth Degree Crimes

South Brunswick is known for being one of the safest towns in the country. With a median household income of $110,00 and the average cost of a home hovering above $400,000, it is a popular place for families and those desirous of a more suburban lifestyle. Understandably, crime is an unwelcome visitor in the lives of South Brunswick residents and as such, anyone who allegedly commits a crime in the area will be prosecuted. In South Brunswick and throughout New Jersey, those charged with having committed fourth degree crimes are facing possible prison, as well as fines and other significant penalties. Review the information below for more detailed information about fourth degree crimes, and if you have been arrested in South Brunswick and charged with a crime of the 4th degree, we encourage you to contact our local South Brunswick criminal defense attorneys to discuss the specific allegations in your case and how we can help defend your rights. Contact us at (732) 659-9600 for a free consultation to learn more.

Facing Charges for a Fourth Degree Crime in South Brunswick, New Jersey

A fourth degree offense is the lowest level indictable crime (felony) that a person can be charged with in New Jersey. Indictable crimes such as these are filed in Middlesex County Superior Court when they allegedly occur in South Brunswick. Your case will begin here with a First Appearance, at which the court will advise you of the charges and notify you of your rights. If the prosecutor has not sought to detain you or hold you pending trial, you will go home after the First Appearance and return on another date at which the court encourages the parties to resolve the case. Eventually, if the case is not resolved, and a jury convicts you, the sentence you receive will be determined by the presiding judge. He or she must sentence you in accordance with the law and consider such factors as your prior record, your risk of committing a new offense, and the “victim’s” wishes, when making a sentencing decision. Ultimately, the maximum sentence that you could receive is up to 18 months in state prison. You may also be sent to the Middlesex County Jail for up to 364 days, placed on probation, or ordered to pay fines up to $10,000.

Fortunately, the judge is not required to send you to jail if you have no prior record. In fact, there is a presumption against incarceration for first offenders charged with fourth degree crimes in Middlesex County and throughout New Jersey. Nevertheless, a conviction for a fourth degree crime will show up on a criminal background check and may adversely affect the stability of your future. It is important to note that different fourth degree crimes have sentencing requirements in addition to those noted above, such as community service. Finding out the specific punishments associated with your charges is highly advisable to ensure that you have a complete picture of what you are facing.

There are many distinct charges for fourth degree crimes that can be filed against you in South Brunswick NJ. For example, we frequently represent individuals charged with the following:

  • Driving while suspended for a second or subsequent DUI: If your license is suspended for a second DUI and you drive during the period of suspension, you will be charged with this level of offense. Notably, there is a mandatory 180 jail sentence that must be served if convicted or upon pleading guilty.
  • Theft: If you take anything that has a proven value of $200-$500, you may be charged and ordered to pay back the money.
  • Possession of Marijuana greater than 50 grams is a fourth degree crime which can result in state prison and a mandatory $750 drug penalty in addition to other punishments.
  • Resisting arrest: If you pull away from or avoid an arrest, you can be charged with this crime.
  • Criminal mischief: Damaging another person’s property and causing a pecuniary loss of at least $200 will allow this charge to be filed against you.
  • Assault by Auto: If you caused a serious injury to another because you were driving recklessly, you may face these charges.
  • Shoplifting: If accused of stealing merchandise valued between $200 and $500, you can be prosecuted for this 4th degree crime.
  • Aggravated Assault: you may face charges for fourth degree aggravated assault if accused of recklessly causing injury to someone with a weapon.

Charged with a 4th Degree Crime in South Brunswick? Consult a Local Criminal Attorney

Obviously, being charged with a fourth degree crime in South Brunswick or elsewhere in Middlesex County, New Jersey is no laughing matter. No one wants someone else in control of their well-being, let alone their future. At William Proetta Criminal Law, our South Brunswick criminal lawyers can help defend against your charges and ensure that you understand all of your options. After reviewing the facts of your case, we can aid you in securing the best result by facilitating your application for Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI), filing motions, negotiating a plea to a more favorable sentence, or attacking the prosecution’s case at trial. No matter what criminal charges have led to your arrest, we will be by your side every step of the way and vigorously represent your best interests. For a free consultation about your fourth degree criminal charges in South Brunswick, simply contact us at (732) 659-9600 today.

With more than a decade of experience defending clients against criminal charges, founding partner William A. Proetta has successfully handled and tried thousands of cases, from DWI to murder. As a New Jersey native, he has focused his career on helping people in the area where he grew up, serving Middlesex, Ocean, Hudson, and Union counties.