Heroin Distribution in Jersey City

Jersey City Police arrested four suspects on Wednesday for allegedly buying and selling heroin in an area of Jersey City known to police as a “high drug and violent crime area,” according to a report.

Early Wednesday morning around 9 a.m. police officers in the area of Martin Luther King Drive and Forrest Street witnessed an alleged drug transaction between two of the suspects where one gave the other “small white items” in exchange for cash, the report states. Police then followed the one man and witnessed another transaction a short while later. After the transactions, police followed the men and later arrested all of them involved and recovered heroin and money upon search incident to arrest.

After the four suspects were processed by police, and the three buyers were released while the suspect seen distributing the narcotics was transported to the Hudson County Jail in Kearny, where bail was set at $50,000 cash or bond. He was charged with Distribution of Heroin, Intent to Distribute within 1,000 feet of a School, and Distribution within 500 feet of a Public Park. (Oak Street Park). While all the drug distribution charges are serious, the most severe is Distribution of Drugs within 500 feet of a public park or building which is a second degree indictable crime which carries 5 – 10 years in state prison with a presumption of incarceration. If you have been charged with a crime involving heroin distribution it is important that you seek the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. At William Proetta Criminal Law, we offer free consultations for all potential new clients. To learn more, contact us today at (201) 793-8018 to speak with a lawyer about your case.

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