Heroin Epidemic in Ocean County NJ

By now it is no secret that Ocean County, New Jersey is in the midst of what people are calling a heroin epidemic. To make matters worse, the highly addictive drug has gained incredible popularity among the county’s youth including many high school students. To help combat this growing problem, police in all 33 towns in Ocean County will begin carrying an antidote that can revive people who overdose on heroin. The plan is that by early next year every officer will have an antidote on his person. The antidote, called narcan, can be used with any drug with opioids and gives emergency responders time to revive victims.

Dr. Kenneth Lavelle, Emergency Training and Consulting Medical Director, has been working with authorities and advising police that the antidote, which is taken up the nose like a nasal spray, costs about $25. Authorities estimate that it should take about 90 days to train all officers.

This would be a major step forward for police and members of the medical community who have been working together to make this happen.  It has been reported, that there have been 102 deaths associated with drug overdoses in Ocean County so far this year.

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