21 Arrests in Monmouth & Ocean County Heroin Ring Bust

According to report on nj.com, twenty-one individuals were arrested for conspiracy and distribution of heroin and cocaine as a part of a large-scale Monmouth and Ocean County distribution ring, representing a major victory for cross-departmental municipal, state, and federal authorities. Three members of the ring are still at large in a group that consists of individuals from local towns including Bayville, Asbury Park, Neptune, BrickToms RiverLakewood, Neptune, Barnegat, and Belmar.

All members are charged with conspiracy to distribute one kilogram or more of heroin while 13 of the members went before a federal judge in Trenton on Friday March 27. Distribution of more than five ounces of heroin is a first-degree crime in New Jersey. As such, conspiracy to commit this offense is punishable by ten year to life in prison and up to one million dollars in fines.

Joseph Coronato, Ocean County Prosecutor, praised the efforts by local and state law enforcement, stating, “This type of multi-agency operation, striking at the top level distribution leadership, is the most significant way to address the ever-increasing heroin epidemic threatening our families in this county, state an nation.

New Jersey courts prosecute heroin and cocaine possession and distribution severely due to the ever-growing heroin epidemic throughout the state and especially on the Jersey Shore. Consequently, individuals such as those arrested, as suppliers and leaders in the drug trade, are prosecuted with zeal.

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