Criminal Convictions and Professional Licenses in New Jersey


The consequences of a criminal record in New Jersey are vast and for individuals who work in a field that requires a professional license, certain convictions can cost them their livelihood and a career they spent years developing. A criminal conviction is generally reported to licensing boards automatically and may result in suspension and revocation of your license, depending on the crime and your professional field. To protect your professional license, it is best to try to fight the criminal charges against you or try to negotiate a lesser charge before a conviction is issued. The experienced criminal defense lawyers at William Proetta Criminal Law fight to protect clients charged with criminal offenses in Edison, Piscataway, New Brunswick, Woodbridge, South Brunswick, and throughout Middlesex County on a daily basis. To find out how we can help you prevent criminal charges from damaging your future, call (732) 659-9600 or contact us online today.

Consider the following implications of criminal convictions on professional licenses in New Jersey.

Professional Nursing License

If you are a nurse licensed in New Jersey and you are convicted of a disqualifying offense, your license will be revoked and will not be reinstated until you can demonstrate clear and convincing evidence of rehabilitation. Disqualifying offenses include, but are not limited to, crimes and disorderly persons offenses involving danger to the person; crimes against the family, children, or incompetents; theft; or any controlled dangerous substance offense, besides possession of 50 grams or less of marijuana.

Medical License

The New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners may revoke the license of physicians and other health care providers it regulates if convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude (sexual assault, theft, domestic violence, fraud etc.) or a crime that relates adversely to the practice of medicine.

Law License

If a New Jersey lawyer is convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude, their license to practice law may be suspended or they may be disbarred. Examples of crimes involving moral turpitude include—but are not limited to—fraud, forgery, theft, endangering the welfare of a child, manslaughter, tax evasion, and bribery.

Teaching Certification

A teacher in New Jersey will be permanently disqualified from teaching in the public school system if they are convicted of crimes including all first and second degree crimes, sexual offenses, certain drug offenses, and crimes against children. These are just a few examples of disqualifying convictions.

In addition to the professions listed above, any profession board or organization that is governed by New Jersey Statutes Title 45 may revoke or suspend the certificate, registration or license of an individual convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude or a crime that relates adversely to an activity the board regulates.

Charged with a Crime as a Licensed Professional in Middlesex County, NJ?

If you have been charged with a crime that could potentially result in the suspension or revocation of your professional license in Middlesex County, New Jersey, now is the time to fight the charges against you before a conviction that could jeopardize your career.

If the charges against you are dropped, the court dismisses your case, the prosecutor agrees to a lesser charge that would not threaten your professional license, or you win a not guilty verdict, your license should not be affected. Our criminal defense lawyers will fight to defend your case and secure the best possible outcome. Contact our Edison office at (732) 659-9600 to discuss ways that our experienced criminal defense attorneys can work to protect your professional license.

With more than a decade of experience defending clients against criminal charges, founding partner William A. Proetta has successfully handled and tried thousands of cases, from DWI to murder. As a New Jersey native, he has focused his career on helping people in the area where he grew up, serving Middlesex, Ocean, Hudson, and Union counties.