Lakewood Police to Increase Patrols for DWI and Traffic Violations

After numerous car accidents, some of which led to deaths and serious injuries in Lakewood Township, New Jersey, officials in Ocean County are increasing police patrols in Lakewood to identify people driving under the influence (DUI) and those committing other motor vehicle violations.

In an announcement on Monday, Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato said the new strategy will begin on Thursday. The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, Lakewood Police Department, and New Jersey State Police will participate in this coordinated initiative. According to Coronato, it came as a direct response to the high rate of serious motor vehicle accidents in Lakewood in 2017. He noted that there were 13 fatal accidents and many more severe crashes that occurred throughout the year.

Traffic enforcement will concentrate on some specific roadways and intersections in Lakewood, including: U.S. 9 and County Line Road; State Highway 70 and State Highway 88; and Cedar Bridge Avenue and Martin Luther King Blvd. Police will be using automated license plate readers and searching for drivers violating New Jersey’s traffic laws. This may lead to an uptick in charges for:

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