Bayonne Shoplifting Goes Horribly Wrong

Bayonne Police arrested a Jersey City man recently after he allegedly tried to shoplift two cell phones from the Walmart in Bayonne. Store security guards watched the man as he cut open two cell phone packages and put the phones in his pocket and attempt to leave the store. But before he could leave, store security contacted police and they were waiting for him as he tried to exit the store.

To make matters worse, upon search and arrest, police found a bag of marijuana in the defendant’s possession, at which point he was additionally charged with possession of the marijuana. But it didn’t stop there –  when police ran the defendant’s information, they discovered he also had two warrants out for his arrest, one for $2,500 and the other one for $3,500, according to reports. The man is now being held in Hudson County Jail with $20,000 bail with a 10 percent option on the new shoplifting and marijuana charges. His bail is most likely so high because of the prior unanswered warrants and the value of the cell phones. Without these facts the man could have even been released after processing. Rule #1 – Don’t shoplift with drugs in your pocket. Rule #2 – Don’t shoplift when you have outstanding warrants. An experienced Bayonne NJ shoplifting attorney can often help get the charges downgraded or even dismissed altogether depending on the circumstances.

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